Playing the guessing game
  |  First Published: October 2012

In this part of the world the weather gods have done their best to keep land-based and boaters guessing as to what is going to happen next.

Outside the entrance there are still good numbers of flathead and gummies that have been taking a variety of natural baits being caught by boaters. Salmon have also been bagged in very good numbers where surface lures have been most effective.

Inside the entrance has been very popular with land-based fishers where salmon are being taken in good numbers to the 2kg mark and better.

There have been mullet turning up in what some have described as plague proportions. Even though not a favourite as far as many fishers are concerned they are very good on the table and best when eaten fresh.

On a recent visit I came across a visiting angler who was working at the Desalination project in Wonthaggi. His name is Rob Carlos who is a very keen fisherman and, although plenty of other fishermen nearby had some very nice bags of fish, Rob sadly had failed to trouble the weigh master.

There have been very reasonable bags of whiting being caught just down from the steps at the bathing boxes where they have been to the 34cm mark. The best time has been on the last half of the run-out tide and first of the run-in flow.

Experienced anglers like to fish in the clear patches of water as this is where the fish will be in the deeper water. The dark patches indicate the awful heavy weed that has a nasty habit of breaking off leads.

As has been the case for some time the area known as the snags has been productive if you know where to go,. As the name indicates, there are plenty of snags and for best results you should drop down right into the underwater furniture. When there is an enquiry, get up to the visitor quickly as the silvers, perch and whiting are dirty fighters and will head straight for the sticks. If they make the cover you will have to replace your lead and start off all over again.

As previously reported the inlet has changed greatly and the markers are not always a true indication as far as the channels are concerned. The best way to find out for yourself is, if possible, visit the area at low water and you will see where the hazards are located.

The boat ramp at Inverloch has been getting a very good workout when conditions have allowed and while there I came across Mike Karis and a mate from Inverloch. They had just returned from a trip and had a very nice mixture of salmon and mullet that were all caught on the run-in tide.

Just a short distance further inside the entrance, land-based anglers are doing very well on whiting, salmon and silvers that have been making a visit to the area worthwhile. Boaters are finding a trip to the vicinity of Point Smyth worth the effort as salmon are still being taken on the run-in tide.

As has been the case for some time, Mahers Landing has been going along very well for land-based fishers. The good thing about this area is that fishing is so near the car park or just a short walk away. The best time to try your luck is on the run-in tide where there has been a good variety of fish being caught, including salmon, silvers and mullet. If you are lucky a nice sized whiting might come along as well.

Boaters are also doing very well and of course their range is much more varied. Further up towards Stevies Gutter there have been very good bags of whiting, silvers, mullet and those mini flathead that never seem to grow.

Upstream from the boat ramp as far as the Double islands, has also been very productive but the whiting have not been very well represented. However, there has been very good size perch being taken on Bass yabbies and soft plastic lures.

For the benefit of those not familiar with this part of the world just be careful at low water as there is not a great deal of depth. If you are caught as the water runs off there can be a fair wait until the incoming flow refloats your boat.

The surf at Venus Bay has been going along very well with very good numbers of salmon being taken at the time of this report. The torpedo fish have been to the 2kg mark and taking a variety of presentations with whitebait probably most successful.

The best time to try your luck is on the run-in tide and maybe the first of the run-off water when things will slow down until the next cycle.

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