Spring washes away the winter blues
  |  First Published: September 2012

Like other areas in this part of the world, Port Welshpool is slowly recovering after an extremely wet winter.

There may be a bit more to come but at the time of this report things were reasonable and the fishing starting to look up, which is good news.

Information from the boat storage is that outside the entrance seems to be the best place to try your luck. This is where there have been quite good numbers of Australian salmon making an appearance and taking a variety of surface lures. There can be a fair trip out to where the fish are but the effort can be worth while as along with the salmon are good numbers of flathead and gummy shark.

One such crew returned to the boat storage recently and one curious person decided to have a closer look at one large flathead. He didn’t realize but now does know why they are in fact called tiger flathead. One of the reasons is that they have rather big teeth in the roof of their mouth. The curious one decided to put his fingers in the mouth of the big fish which he thought was dead.

As it turned out the fish was far from dead and as soon as it felt the finger in his mouth it slammed shut and refused to let go. After much pain the unfortunate one managed to shake free by what was now a much mangled index finger and a lesson learnt by its owner not to take tiger flathead for granted.

The water inside the entrance is starting to come good and even though there have not been any reports of whiting there have been reasonable numbers of flathead, silvers and salmon making an appearance. The best results have been on the run-in tide. The jetties have been reasonable but it would be fair to say that even though there have been a few silvers, mullet and flathead being taken there is a fair bit of water mixed in with them.

Reports from the Yanakie side have been not all that encouraging as Tony Holgate who runs the caravan park says that the water temperature has been way down to 10C. This is about as cold as it will get and any alteration will be an improvement.

That is the good news, the bad news is that there are plenty of skunk sharks making a nuisance of themselves, but as the water warms up they will go somewhere else to annoy fishers.

I would suggest that a short distance away to the west is Shallow Inlet, which is well worth while considering. Bill Reynolds who is a local says that the water is cold but productive. He says that Tim Pearson from Meeniyan is a regular to the area and has been managing a few whiting. There have also been silvers and salmon being taken but the cold conditions seem to be keeping most boaters and land-based fishers away.

Outside the inlet at Waratah Bay there have been quite reasonable numbers of salmon making an appearance despite the presence of that fine weed which is a bit of a nuisance. With a bit of luck it will quickly disappear.

Salmon have been the main catch where the run-in tide has been the best time to try your luck. Traditionally the salmon are not huge in this part of the world and the water is a bit on the shallow side and if you manage one around the 1kg mark you are doing well.

The best presentation seems to be surf poppers and the results will enhance if there is the head half of white bait attached.


Some good gummy sharks have been taken offshore from Port Welshpool..

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