Andersons Inlet very productive
  |  First Published: August 2012

Even though we have had plenty of rain since the last report which has not done a great deal for the fishing, Anderson Inlet has been fairly productive.

Wonthaggi resident John Taylor has done most of his fishing in fresh water north of the state and has taken to the saltwater where he likes the land-based version of the sport.

On a recent trip he decided to wet a line at Anderson from the beach nears the entrance. There was a rather large crowd trying their luck near the bathing boxes where mullet and good numbers of Australian salmon making up mixed bags. John could only manage a very nice flathead but also hooked into something different in the shape of a very good size flounder. At first John didn’t know what it was and those nearby were also surprised as this is the first one that they had seen.

Further down towards the entrance there have been many locals and visitors trying their luck all the way down to the entrance where there have been any numbers of small mullet being caught along with salmon, flathead and even reasonable size whiting have been bagged.

Over near the snags the locals who know the area have been doing fairly well on both sides of the change of tides. This is where the big whiting are being caught on Bass yabbies, squid and if you can get them, sandworms. There have also been good numbers of luderick and estuary perch and the idea in this area is get them up as soon as possible.

The reason is that there are plenty of snags as the name would suggest. As soon as the fish strike they head straight for the underwater furniture and if they make it the only option is to try and break them off but there is a better chance of breaking the line. You then start all over again.

At the time of this report the water up near Stevies Gutter was a bit on the dirty side owing to all the water coming down the Tarwin and running into the top of the inlet. When things clear up there will be good numbers of whiting up to Mahers Landing as well as flathead, silvers, perch and gummies.

In the area around Point Smyth there have been quite good numbers of salmon being taken by boaters where surface lures have been doing the job. Outside the entrance the locals who know where to go head for Flat Rocks, as this is where the whiting are to the 50cm mark along with flathead and silvers. The good thing about this area is that just about any fish caught will be of good quality.

Out wider in the deeper water there have been good numbers of flathead, gummies and salmon being taken on a variety of natural baits and salmon for the surface lures.  A trip to Venus Bay beyond the breakers is also worth a look where there have been flathead, gummies and the odd pinkie being bagged.

The surf at Venus Bay has been very productive where the salmon have been to 2kg in good numbers. Most of the beaches are firing at different times and with a bit of luck you will also bag some good size flathead and gummies. Andy Ellison and a mate decided to pay the area a visit and fished number five beach on the run-in tide. They were fairly happy with their bag that comprised of nine very good size salmon to 1.5kg that were taken on whitebait and surf poppers.

Rod Lyttle and 12 year old son Taj picked a good day to head out to Waratah Bay looking for whatever might come along. There was a bit of a battle to get a fish but at the end of the day Taj showed dad how it’s done and hooked into a couple of whiting that were both spot on 43cm. They also had a mixture of other fish and on the way back came across a seal that had just caught a big gummy shark. The seal had too much for one mouthful and spent quite a while smashing his catch against the water into pieces small enough to make a meal. They also had a pod of dolphins turn up around the boat and put on quite a performance.

Shallow Inlet has been a bit on the quiet side at the time of this report with plenty of fresh water finding its way into the bay. The water is way down to the winter temperature of 9C, but when things settle down there will be plenty of salmon, silvers, flathead and gummies making a trip to this part of the world well worth while.

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