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  |  First Published: October 2012

After a very long footy season, it’s now time to head out for some serious local fishing action.

October is the time of year where we see a red hot yellowbelly bite. And with the shrimp and yabbies on the move, the fish will be feeding. Match the hatch is the old saying so if you can get your hands on some fresh bait I’m sure you will be in for a ripper session.

The rivers have been very up and down over the past months so it’s been tough to lure fish on to hooks! Dirty water is just the start of our problems; fast flowing water moving the boat all over the place is a nightmare.

Another favourite for local anglers is walking the banks of the Broken or Goulburn. However, it is now near impossible due to muddy banks, so take care if you are planning a bank fishing session. The only positive in bad conditions is the fish will be full of feed and bigger and stronger once things clear up. So be patient because these things come in cycles and we will one day see a steady and reasonable clean river system.

I have been enjoying afternoon sessions in our local channels recently. Redfin can’t resist a lure if it’s presented enough in their area. If you can find any structure in the channels get amongst it. You may lose a few lures but you will get nailed plenty of times to make it worth it.

There are plenty of bridges and drop bars in our local area – these must be fished when you come across them!

Kialla Lakes

The lakes are finally producing fish, but it’s not good-sized yellas, it’s big redfin.

I have fished the lakes mostly using small lipless crankbaits or small spinnerbaits. Bright colours seem to be doing the trick but you must be aggressive in your retrieve. A slow and steady wind used to be the key at Kialla but don’t let them second guess themselves, produce a lure and drag it back quick and you will get smashed.

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