Excellent flyfishing in the Wimmera
  |  First Published: September 2012

Over the past month or so the trout fishing in the Wimmera has really come back strong thanks to the drought relief stockings, producing some of the best trout fishing and some of the fastest growth rates we have seen for many years.

Lakes such as Toolondo and Natimuk in particular have been a hive of activity most weekends which just proves how popular and important trout fishing is to this area. It has been great to be able to knock off work and head out to Toolondo or Natimuk lakes in the evenings and knowing that I am pretty much guaranteed some action. As a result, flyfishing is becoming very popular once again around here and if you ever thought about giving the fly a go, there is no time like the present with the relatively easy and good quality fishing on offer at the moment.


My all time favourite Wimmera water is back and the trout fishing here has been terrific. The trout that were stocked here last year are growing very fast with the rainbows now up to 1.4kg and the browns up to around 800g. Most anglers are practicing catch and release here which is great to see as well, particularly if we want to see the place return to its former glory as one of the best trophy trout waters in the country. These fish are in terrific condition and full of fight, and the way they are growing they will be trophy size in no time.

All methods are working well here at the moment. Bait fishing with mudeye under bubble floats or Powerbait on a running sinker rig will catch plenty of trout whether fishing from the shore or from a boat. Trolling lures has also been very popular with Tassie Devils, small minnows and vibes working well.

Most of my trips here lately have been flyfishing the north or west shorelines in the evenings and after dark. A lot of different flies are doing the trick, but I have mostly been using Woolly Buggers, Mrs Simpsons and Tom Jones flies. On most evenings there is a bit of surface activity and the trout are often very visible cruising the sandy shoreline. As we head into spring the flyfishing will get even better especially once the huge population of bug mudeyes start moving about.


Rainbow trout have been biting very well here all year with good fish to 1.5kg on offer. A few redfin to 1kg have also been caught. All methods are working here whether from the shore or from boats. Bait fishing with mudeye, Powerbait, frozen whitebait and worms has been working well and is probably the most productive method at present. There has been a lot of slime around the banks so try cast out from the shore as far as you can to avoid fouling in the shallow water slime which is prevalent until the water reaches around a metre in depth. Trolling lures such as Tassie Devils and various minnows and spoons has been taking plenty of trout and the odd redfin right across the lake.

The flyfishing has been excellent although there hasn’t been much rising activity on most of my recent trips here, but if you search the water effectively with wets it isn’t too hard to find a trout or two. The best flies here for me have been a bead head Tom Jones, Parsons Glory, Mrs Simpson and Silver Matukas. The evenings and after dark have been producing the best flyfishing here for me lately.


There has been some nice trout and redfin up to 1kg being taken around the wall area from the shore with baits such as mudeye and minnow under bubble floats working well, especially in the mornings and evenings. Try to avoid using worms here for bait unless you like to catch lots of carp, which are in plague proportions here at present. Flyfishing with Mrs Simpsons and minnow patterns will also work well at the wall area this time of year and there are some very big brown trout to be caught here at times.

Good redfin are being caught all over the lake but the more popular areas have been at Brodies, Glendining and at Hynes. Trolling with deep diving hardbodied lures or drif-bouncing soft plastics or vibes has been working very well on reddies averaging around 400-600g with the odd bigger fish to 1.5kg. Bait fishing the timbered areas with gudgeon and yabbies is also working well on the reddies here.


The trout fishing here has been excellent with good numbers of browns and rainbows averaging 1kg taking mudeyes under bubble floats and Powerbait fished on the bottom either from the wall or from boats. The odd bigger trout around 2kg has also been about but a bit few and far between. Flyfishing has been working well here with popular spots near the inlet and along the wall. Good flies have been Woolly Buggers, nymphs, Craigs Nightimes and Mrs Simpsons.

There has been a number of big redfin to 1.8kg taken here over the last few weeks but they have been red hot one day and nowhere to be found the next. Drifting with small yabbies and worms has been working well, as has jigging ice jigs and vibes. Trolling small minnow lures such as Rapala shad raps is also picking up a few reddies here.


The fishing has been getting better here with some nice browns to 1.8kg along with a few rainbows around 1kg being taken. Bait fishing with mudeye, Powerbait and peeled yabby tail is working well either from the wall or from boats trying around the timber and reedy areas.

Trolling with Tassie devil lures and diving minnows has been working well with the occasional good size redfin also being taken. Casting soft plastics and vibes around any structure has also been working on the reddies but they have mostly been a bit on the small side.

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