The Aussie Popper
  |  First Published: September 2012

It’s amazing what you can use these days to put a fly together especially if you’re into utilising synthetic materials.

Enough has been written about picking up road kill and whacking it in the boot, much to the disgust of the wife and kids. Picking up bits and pieces as you wander along the beach can be just as productive.

Take the Aussie popper tied out of a good old bit of Aussie thong, I was fortunate enough to find a patriotic thong. To get the right shape there are any number hole cutters available on the market, I buy mine from a little shop in the backwoods of Wisconsin USA, just down Coon Bluff Road at a little shop called Sleazy Steve’s Soggy Bottom Fly Shop. If you think I am joking, just Google it.

I use Sleazy Steve’s custom made cutters to cut the foam tubes, then I use the popper jig that is available from River Road Creations, also in the US. The rest is up to you and your imagination.

This fly has many applications particularly in the estuarine systems in the south east of the country. Bass and estuary perch find it irresistible as it is cast under the streamside vegetation and gently popped back. Not forgetting either the staple of most of the southern estuaries, the black bream, a species equally good at bopping a popper from under the tea tree. Inland and tied in larger sizes it will take Murray cod when boofed alongside and under structure.

And of course should you be fortunate enough to trip north I am sure that it would have spectacular success in some of the billabongs and backwaters for barramundi, saratoga, and tarpon.

For all the trouties, I am sure this fly tied in smaller sizes say #10-12 and taken out on a warm evening after the sun has gone down, blooping the fly about should surely see it get smashed by those large mudeye marauding browns and rainbows in lakes such as Eucumbene and Jindabyne.

It’s amazing what ones imagination can conjure up in terms of materials to create sensational fly patterns, add this to all the new synthetic stuff on the market the opportunities are endless. Just takes a keen eye to spot things and apply it to a particular fishing situation or species.

I often find myself constructing new patterns or tying methods as I am wandering aimlessly, or fishing.



HOOK:Mustad 34007 # 4
THREAD:Black 140 denier
BODY:Variegated foam cylinder
HACKLE:Dyed yellow grizzly
LEGS:Centipede legs barred yellow.
EYES:2mm Joggle eyes.

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