September shines through
  |  First Published: September 2012

I always look forward to this month it’s one of the best months of the year for anglers.

There many good things that happen in September; one is the opening of the trout season for all our rivers.

We will all get the chance to see what the rivers and the trout have done this winter and what holes and snags are still there and find all the new ones that have washed in or out of the rivers.

There is still lots of flow for us to play with to work around, finding areas that are just below fast running water that’s tumbled over rocks and high water snags that put lots of oxygen in the water and concentrates all the food to one part of the river. Early in the season in many rivers out of the current is often the best bet.

This is a time of year where bait drifting is very good. This means getting a large scrub worm on number 6 bait holder hook and one or two split shot casting it up stream and letting it flow down towards you.

For the bigger, deeper water there is a new Rapala lure out in new UV glow pattern in white glow body with a red throat, so the combo of UV glow and red head will look like a bait fish in total distress and an easy meal for a hungry trout.

Ad to this a new glow spray that you can get to spice up your old faithful lure and add an extra edge to at this time of year.

The school holidays in September will be great this season, as Lilydale Lake has been refilled. I was recently speaking with guys from Fisheries Victoria and they said there will be a good stocking of trout here this spring.

So lets all go out there and have a great time in our wonderful Yarra Valley .

Good luck from Lofty and the team from Compleat Angler Ringwood.

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