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  |  First Published: September 2012

The cold and wet winter is now beyond us and now it’s time to enjoy some warmer weather and some more fishing friendly river conditions.

Yet again we have seen our local rivers rise and fall rise and fall and to be honest it’s doing my head in. The past 2 or 3 years we have struggled to get some consistently in our fishing due to the river systems. When we see the water settles the fish seem to come out and in good numbers as well.

With all the feed that’s been washed off the banks I would say the local fish will be a lot larger than in the past.

With cod season closed another unofficially opens in yellow belly season. Between September and December is prolific for yellow belly in Shepparton. In past seasons, yabbies were a deadly technique around the timber. If you can get your hands on some early season shrimp I would get them on your hook as soon as possible as the yellas will go nuts over a freshly presented shrimp.

If your more of a lure fisho think a bit smaller, the new range of Lady Outlaws spinnerbaits have been successful as well as the TN50 Jackalls.

I have also found casting my personal favourite Predatek or Codger hardbodied lures in and around the deeper bends is another great way to land a local Yellowbelly.

Kialla Lakes

This breaks my heart to continually see the water dirty out at the lakes. For many years we all enjoyed an afternoon session at the lakes normally producing 2-3 good-sized fish. With the lakes been almost un-fished for 6 months due to bad feedback I will be personally be having a crack at the yellas in the dirty water. Fingers crossed the fish are just used to the conditions and are back on the hunt for a lure or bait.

Shepparton Lake

The lake should produce plenty of good-sized yellas now with over 300 30cm plus fish released earlier this year. I think the best way to tackle the Shepparton Lake is from a kayak, you can fish the edges well and there are some deeper drop off in areas to far from the bank.

If you don’t have a kayak try big long cast and slow rolling a Spinnerbait back to the bank.

Now that cod season is closed it is time to have a crack at the yellow belly.

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