Hot bite sizzles
  |  First Published: October 2012

We are now into October and it’s getting hotter on the fishing front, as well as the temperature.

Now is the time you should be out dangling a line as you have a high chance of catching something! Some stellar fish get caught from all the local haunts, such as the casino breakwall, Aplins Weir and Pallarenda, if you are limited to land based spots, and Morrisseys Creek and the popular Magnetic Island, if you are in a boat.

Hot Bite

There are really good numbers of barramundi getting caught from all over the place; freshwater sections of the Ross River right through to the end of Cape Cleveland are keeping anglers excited.

There has not only been the quantity of these fish caught but the quality has been there as well. The majority of barra catches are stretching over the legal size of 58cm.

As previously mentioned, you can catch a barra on a variety of different techniques but you do try lure fishing for these fish, at this time of year it is one of their favourites. With the water temperature creeping into the high 20ºC they are much more active and willing to belt nearly any lure swimming nearby.

Lure choice will vary depending on where you are fishing but a good all-rounder with plenty of runs on the pitch is the Koolabung Razorback Prawn 80mm diver. This lure has a great action and comes in two diving depths of 1m and 3m so you can cover most scenarios.

A good retrieve for this lure, and many others, is a simple few cranks of the reel then a twitch of the rod tip followed by a pause. This pause is vital when using lures as it allows the fish to strike the lure while stationary.

October is your last red hot go at getting some good barra fishing with the closed season on the east coast commencing on the 1 November at midday; continuing until 1 February 2013 midday. This closed season is implemented to protect the barra while they are breeding, which is a good thing for fishing as it allows them to repopulate plus they seem to get hungry leading up to it. This is why some really hot sessions can be had if you find yourself in the right place at the right time.

Barramundi will be getting most of the press in October but there are still plenty of other fish species on offer. These include one of my favourites the fingermark. Caught in the creek systems commonly to about 60cm but inshore and bay areas can produce fish into the 90cm size bracket.

Inshore rubble ground scattered around the main shipping channel is one of the most convenient spots that still turns up great fish. Trolling medium diving lures is a simple method to target a fingermark in this area. From chatting to many fishos that frequent this area, the best success has come from lures that have a rattle and are in a green colour.

October signals the start and end of many things fishing and there are plenty of hungry fish out there waiting for you! There is a fish out there with your name on it so head out there and catch it before he gets away!

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