Barra closure starts
  |  First Published: October 2012

The Gulf closure for barramundi starts on midday the 7 October and runs until midday the 1 February. It is illegal to even target them in this period so please leave them to breed in peace so we can have plenty of fish in future years.

The water temperature in September was hot enough to get the barramundi firing and some great fish were caught, including a 1m fish by Cynthia Young.

The blue salmon have been awesome off the beach and many people have had some great fun.

The rock bars at Normanton have been going off with plenty of 70-80cm barramundi caught and the odd king salmon as well. The lures used have mostly been small 60cm Frenzies that are supplied by the hardware/fishing tackle shop in Normanton.

There are some very big crocodiles in the Norman River so be aware while fishing.

Mud crabs are now on the move and worth catching as we move into summer. They can be anywhere in the system so do not be afraid to try different places. Good baits include fish frames and fish you would not normally take, such as catfish. Make sure to place them in enough water so they are not exposed at low tide.

We usually get a good run of grunter in October that allow an awesome feed. The best places to look are where locals are fishing.

Sweers Island

With the weather warming up, October is a great month for big nannygai and the rest of the local reef species. However, let’s not forget the award winning ‘biggest Spanish mackerel of the year’ caught a couple of years ago, was in October!

If you’re here early enough in the month, the barramundi off the beach should be going off. But remember the closed season in the Gulf, closes midday the 7 October 2012.

How quick has this season gone on Sweers Island? A great season of fishing for many of our regular anglers who come to us every year. At times the wind was a bit unkind, but everyone caught something.

The resort closes for business at the end of October and reopens again the week before Easter in 2013.

See you again in 2013.

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