Spaniards still around sand bar
  |  First Published: September 2012

Spanish mackerel are still on the agenda and can be found out the front on the northern side of the sand bar.

These great fish pull hard so I recommend using Schneider mono line of around 30lb. This line stretches, which you will need when they hit hard and light up the afterburners.

The weather has been unseasonably cold. The blue salmon run has finally turned up as the water starts to warm up. This means that you can have lots of fun out the front catching salmon that pull hard and don’t usually play dirty. All you need to do is let the drag on your reel do its job and you will be rewarded.

Normanton will be the place to look for barramundi early in September as the shallow water will warm up and get them going. There are plenty of rock bars upstream of the bridge and they will be going off! Small lures can be very effective in guns and roses colour.

Nevertheless, be careful as these rock bars will come out of the water at low tide. Electric motors work best at this spot as they can go super slow and, if you connect with any of the rock bars, you should only need to replace the sheer pin.

Sweers Island

What a big month! Big red emperor, big nannygai, big coral trout and big smiles on angler’s faces.

There are still some decent mackerel about. The biggest catch was 24kg caught by Greg Elwin from Townsville; he knocked last year’s winner, and leader for most of this season, Lindsay Wellings off the top spot!

The water is starting to warm up, so targeting some barramundi off the ‘barra beach’ is definitely worth a try. Regular Cloncurry group, Brian Webb & Co., caught a swag of lovely parrotfish using prawns for bait.

Likewise, there have also been reports of good-sized fingermark being caught.

All in all, a great fishing month.

Boat ramp etiquette

Please be patient when launching and retrieving your boat at the town boat ramp. Here are some tips to help things run smoothly:

Do NOT block the ramp for other users. When you arrive back at the boat ramp and are holding your boat waiting for your mate to get the trailer, do not stand on the ramp but rather move to the side at low tide or onto the Catalina section at high tide. You can also use the pontoon to hold your boat.

Help others in need. Not everyone is a fit 21 year old so please help if able to do so as this will speed up the process.

• Don’t take things too personally. Some people are never happy so do not take it to heart if they do not show appreciation for your efforts as they probably lead very sad lives.

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