Burrum Heads anglers loving it
  |  First Published: August 2012

Dedicated anglers of Burrum Heads have theorised (over a cold beer of course) the ‘fishing gods’ have gone into hibernation and forgot to set the climate control leaving us with cold weather, strong winds and rain that have hampered angling adventures.

However, just when we thought the best action this month would be sat on the lounge in our slippers with a hot chocolate watching our favourite fishing program, one of the ‘fishing gods’ saw our plight and granted us a small fishing window. And we all took full advantage.

Offshore Action

With the seasonal shift many of us have spent much of our time offshore chasing the expected snapper, which didn’t disappoint. Expectations were high across the one really good week of weather; JB and I one day bagged out on snapper just offshore from the Burrum River on some light gear using mullet, squid, and mostly whiting frames.

And the second day we went out we were in for a real treat. The grunter hit hard just as the first light broke through and kept us busy for the early morning session. From there we headed towards the southern gutters where the action got really hot with rods on the bend and the conditions fine for small and large craft.

We were on one of the great fishing adventures. By the end we had an impressive haul of 42 fish across 10 species with: snapper 75cm; blackall 74cm; grassy sweetlip 67cm; grunter 60cm average; hussar; parrot; trigger fish; red emperor (all under size); mackerel (juvenile); and iodine bream.

Snapper rules have changed so make sure you check regulations.

River Action

One of my great fishing mates Ron and I netted a good haul of herring during one of our recent expeditions up the Burrum. Shame he tore the net after that!

Despite the net tragedy, there have been some really encouraging signs with the supply of live bait that came on just prior to the wet conditions.

Given the limitations created by the weather there have been a few highlights in the river with grunter, flounder, bream and flathead in small numbers, and winter whiting is good numbers, caught through the shallows off Dundowran and Toogoom. A rare catch was a 1.2kg snapper caught up river on live bait, which indicates other offshore species are on the move up river. This will make for diverse and interesting catches once the environmental conditions improve.

I have to take this opportunity to congratulate Ron as he took out the Burrum Heads Amateur Fishing Clubs Angler of the year for the 2011/12 season, well done mate!

Fishing Ahead

Winter is a brilliant time at Burrum Heads as the options are diverse for all anglers. With the snapper in town, expect the emergence of mackerel and prawns.

With plenty of accommodation to suit all budgets get up here and experience some of the best fishing on the east coast.

Once I asked nothing of this world and got exactly what I asked for...nothing! If you are concerned about the future of fishing, get involved and encourage those around you to get involved or there will be no fishing for anyone.

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