Blue Rock cures winter blues
  |  First Published: August 2008

Finally, Central Gippsland was granted some well-deserved and long awaited rain over the past month. A pity we didn’t get it just before the season closed, as it would have made for some excellent fishing.

The Strzelecki streams such as Traralgon Creek and Morwell River are running beautifully, and the fish are pairing up and spawning – which should make many more good trout fishing years to come. If these creeks maintain their water levels for another month or so, we should be in for a fantastic season opening. I can’t wait! In the meantime, our local stocked impoundments and lakes have been fishing quite well.


Fellow VFM contributor Steve Haughton has fished Blue Rock Reservoir a couple of times over the past month with some great success. On one occasion, while trolling with mate Rob, they landed 14 brown trout 35-40cm. The lures of choice for the day were Crown Seal lures, Tassie Devils and F5 Rapalas.

A week later Steve’s girlfriend, Cate, trolled up her first brown trout, which was also taken on a Crown Seal lure. There are plenty of bays in Blue Rock that are excellent for trolling, as the depth can range anywhere from a few feet to 100 feet. Also, Blue Rock is loaded with snags that are great for jigging and spinning.

Down rigging is also another art not used nearly enough in Blue Rock. The only draw back is that the millions of redfin that habit the lake can create an arduous task of having to constantly wind the bomb up and down all day.


Lake Hyland in Churchill was stocked before the school holidays in July, as were other small impoundments such as Kunai Lake and Lake Guyatt. Lake Hyland also still has some thumping big trout left in there from the DPI Family Fishing Day in April, and some of those beauties were well over 3kg.

The June and July period produced some quality rainbow trout up to 1kg, most of which were caught on worms and corn, or a combination of both. Plenty of customers were telling me about some real monsters that could be seen cruising the surface near the bank edges but were very hard to fool.

As these fish are stocked trout, using chook pellets for berley could help catch one of these big trout. For the lure and flyfisher, dark lures and flies are best due to the dirty colour of the water in this lake.

For more information, contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on 03 5174 8544.

Cate holds up a lovely Blue Rock brown trout, which she caught by trolling a Crown Seal lure.

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