Still out there trying!
  |  First Published: August 2008

Anybody that dares to say fisherfolk aren’t a tough bunch hasn’t stuck their heads outside over the last few weeks. It’s winter and it has been cold, windy and even a little bit wet, but anglers are still out there trying.

A recent drive around Bullen Merri, on what would have to be one of the coldest days of the year, showed there are plenty of anglers toughing it out. No less then eight groups of anglers were scattered around the lake. Boat, bait and flyfishers were all giving it a try. They were doing it hard, but just the fact that they were there was an indication that there are a few fish about.

There are still some excellent reports of rainbow trout being taken on PowerBait. One regular group had been successful flat-line trolling Tassie Devils on their previous trip, taking some nice brown trout. With the weather starting to turn and a bit more length in the days, August will see a lot more anglers along the shores of Bullen Merri.

Angler access is excellent around Bullen Merri, as is boat access. It surprised me to see how much rubbish was thrown along the road and I am sure local landholders don’t appreciate it either.

Purrumbete continues to promise plenty, with flyfishers, and lure tossers finding some nice browns along the eastern side in the rougher weather. With some lucky anglers getting their boats on to the lake, we are getting reports of some big fish. Leo Westerlaken was one such angler who landed a 4.1kg brown. Leo’s choice of a large StumpJumper lure was a bit unusual, but I am sure it will get another workout the next time he is there.

Keep your ear to the ground as far as boat access to Purrumbete is concerned, because when it happens the fishing promises to be special – very special.

Wurdibuloc is getting a lift in water level, thanks to the channel, which usually means a bit of discoloration. It can also mean the fish move into mating mode and congregate around the inflow. The newly flooded areas will be worth a look at this time of the year.

I am expecting West Barwon to get a lift too over the next couple of months, and after the fish in this dam have returned from their spawning spurt they should be keen on feeding.

With spring around the corner, the fishing and the weather should both improve together.

Anglers who put in the effort are catching some nice trout from both Purrumbete and Bullen Merri (photo: Scott Gray).


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