Great winter action at Lilydale Lake
  |  First Published: August 2008

Although trout have been off the fishing agenda in our rivers since mid-June, the local lakes have been producing good catches of stocked trout to 1kg. The school holiday stockings have, however, stirred up the larger resident trout, giving anglers the opportunity to catch that 2-4kg fish. These are the smarter, cunning fish that have survived from previous stockings.

The secret weapon is teasing them up using a slowly twitched mudeye under a float. Team member, Steve, proved this on his recent visit to Lilydale Lake, when he landed three trout from 1.4-2.8kg. Customer Jason took a 3.6kg beauty using the same principle. The best area is around the main rock wall, casting along the outer edge of the weed beds.

Other lakes performing well over the winter period have been Emerald and Rowville lakes. If fishing Rowville Lake, orange PowerBait is a must. Although we have not fished Rowville recently I would expect mudeyes under a float to work just as well at Rowville as it has at Lilydale. Look for weedy areas and cast alongside the edge.

When fishing lakes, remember to use berley. My suggestion would be using small golfball-sized handfuls of the Stimulate ground berley mix, tossed directly over your float. Little and often is the rule.

Other fish taken from Lilydale Lake include redfin and carp. You will have more success if you use small scrubworms on a running sinker rig, and cast alongside the reeds. You can also use redfin attractors, and when doing so, retrieve them using a slow consistent action.

Another option when targeting redfin is to use small hardbodied lures such as Ecogear SX-40f lures in black and red colours. To get the most from these lures, crank quickly at first to drive the lure quickly to the bottom, then twitched them several times along the lakebed. Use the same slow consistent retrieve action as you would the attractors. The best times are late afternoon through to dusk, with the peak being 40 minutes before sunset.

Carp continue to be the most consistent species taken from the Lake, and are producing a lot of fun for family fishing. Dandenong team member Andy has been trying his luck using coarse fishing gear, with Middy small maggot feeders and in-line carp feeders. While the water is cold, the fish will be responding more to maggots and worms on the bottom, as they are not actively feeding and simply want an easy meal.

For winter carp fishing make your rig up by placing your feeder cage with a ledger stop approximately 20cm above your size 12 Saiko Hook. When you cast, the feeder cage will drop quickly to the bottom with the hook slowing drifting downwards. As the water temperature increases, you will have more success if you place a ledger stop approximately 20cm on either side of the feeder cage. This will give you a better hook-up rate, because the weight of the feeder cage will set the hook as the fish tries to swim away. Andy has represented Australia in the World Coarse Championships in Europe, so if you are seriously wishing to target these species he is the person you need to talk to. He can be contacted at Dandenong on 03 9794 9397.

Several Ringwood customers have been having success at Sugarloaf Dam catching redfin up to 1lb from around midday through to early afternoon. Maximise your success by searching the shallow weedier banks and using a berley mix.

Had some success? Send me the details via email and include the angler, species, where caught (you don’t need to give me all your secrets), and what bait, lure or flies you used.

For up to date Yarra Valley fishing information contact the boys at Compleat Angler Ringwood on 03 9870 7792, or better still drop in at 92 Maroondah Highway– or take Eastlink across to Dandenong at 29 Langhorne Street. We’re open 7 days a week with plenty of top quality fresh bait and a great selection of freshwater gear.

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