Great time of year for trout anglers
  |  First Published: August 2012

With the shorter and colder days of winter still upon us, redfin and trout are what most anglers will be chasing around these parts over the next month or so.

The native fish don’t really seem to kick into gear around here until around mid-spring. By August, trout will have finished spawning and be feeding up and the redfin should be just starting to school up to spawn be very aggressive. We are very lucky this season to have many quality trout waters to fish, in fact the hardest part is deciding on which water to go to.

Lake Toolondo

The trout that were stocked here last November are growing rapidly with the huge amount of food on offer at this water. The rainbows are averaging 1kg and the browns are now around 700-800g. The fishing here has been excellent whether you are into bait lure or fly fishing and boat and land-based anglers are getting amongst the good fishing.

I have been taking my boys fishing along the north and west shore here a bit lately and they have been mostly catching rainbows around 1kg on mudeye under bubble floats or Powerbait on running sinker rigs. While the kids are bait fishing I have been flicking the fly rod around and taking many nice trout on wets with Mrs Simpson and Woolly Worm working well. At times the trout can be seen cruising along the sandbars making for some very exciting sight-fishing with the fly rod. In the mornings and evenings there has been plenty of rising activity here as well.

Natimuk Lake

This lake has been very popular over the last month or so with excellent rainbows to 1.2kg being taken. Trolling lures has been very effective with Tassie Devils being the number one lure. Most colours are working but I have found pink or the white clown pattern has been best.

A few redfin to 1kg are also being caught. Bait fishing with frozen whitebait, Powerbait and mudeye is also working well especially from the shore and the flyfishing has also been excellent. The best flies have been Mrs Simpson, Parsons Glory and Woolly Buggers.

Rocklands reservoir

Some big browns and nice rainbows have been caught at the wall area on minnow or mudeye fished under bubble floats. The best fishing has been early in the mornings and often the trout will be seen chasing big schools of minnow through the shallows, making for some very exciting fishing. Casting lures, plastics or flyfishing is also well worth a try here at present. Most of the trout are up to 1.5kg but there are some huge trout at this water and this time of year is usually when the bigger ones are caught here.

Plenty of small to medium sized redfin are being caught right from the wall all the way to Hynes trolling bibbed lures. The better reddies have been up to 1.3kg and they have been schooling up, so once you get one decent fish keep going back over them for best results.

Lake Fyans

The good fishing continues here, with many trout and redfin being caught on bait, lure and fly. The larger browns have been eluding most anglers but I do know of a 3.5kg and a 4kg brown taken on fly here recently. Unfortunately I don’t know what flies these big browns were caught on.

Ray Caruana of the Greenvale Sport and Game fishing club sent me a report and some great photos of their latest club outing here a few weeks ago. They had 12 adults and 7 juniors fish over the weekend for around 90 trout caught, with most were released. Their catch comprised mostly of brown trout up to 1kg along with three rainbows. A few redfin to 1kg were also caught, mostly on bibbed lures. They found the best lures were Tassie Devils with the standout colour being the yellow-winged Clown pattern.

Lake Wartook

There has been some good trout and redfin fishing here for some but it has been a bit hot and cold. On the good days, browns and rainbows to 1kg have been hitting trolled lures and taking baits of mudeye and peeled yabby tail. A few trout are also being caught here on meal worms fished on the bottom at the wall as well. Flyfishing has been a bit slow with the best fishing to be had early in the mornings but if we get some good rains and the lake starts to rise over new ground, the flyfishing should be excellent here as it was about this time last year.

Redfin anglers have been catching mostly small fish by trolling, casting soft plastics or bait fishing. The odd bigger reddie to 1kg has been taken but they have been a bit scarce this year so far.

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