Flooding Snowy will make for a great spring
  |  First Published: August 2012

Having just arrived back from my annual holidays in New Zealand, it seems I may have missed the worst of the flooding.

There was a flood when I left and they has at least another while I was away. The up side of that is the entrance at Marlo will still be deep in the spring and maybe in to the early summer. As reported in the past with the big entrance and huge volumes of water entering and leaving on the tides makes for excellent fishing.

Incidentally it is no mistake of nature my leave coincides with a 6kg international yellowtail kingfish tournament fished from Bay of Islands Swordfish club at Russell N.Z. My local Aussie team finished a bit down on recent years, but still managed to capture some good fish.

The elder in the team Terry Lynch although getting a bit arthritic and slow managed to get the best other species, landing a 9.8kg snapper on big live bait, securing Terry an 8 to 10 kg game rod. (Later we found out if Terry would have submitted some line for testing he would have received a pin for the biggest snapper caught on 6kg at the B.O.I.S Club.) Our team weighed, Jenkin Steed 3 kings, Jim McClymont 2 kings, Larry Fairless 1 king, plus plenty of break off, as usual a good time was had by all.

Capturing a few kings and watching many escape makes us thing of the fishery that has started to open up here on our coastline.

Last season yellowtail kingfish were in abundance on and near Marlo reef resulting in many good captures. But the greatest excitement of all was the 8-10 marlin landed last season, stuff like that makes the imagination run wild at the thought of the season to come.

With the rivers still running a bit high anglers have concentrated fishing in the backwaters and lakes. Many reports have come in of good captures of bream and luderick being taken at French’s Narrows, on frozen prawn and local shell bait, with reports of luderick weighing over 2kg and the bream of similar size. Anglers have also reported catching big mullet on sandworm and local shell. Anglers who fish from boats have been fishing up into and around the lake entrances, where the fish have gathered to get out of the fast running water. They have also reported getting good size bream, luderick and mullet.

The surf beaches are fishing well; anglers are taking advantage of big schools of salmon and tailor that are patrolling the coastline. Off shore has been a non event, the weathers has been too rough and miserable for anglers to venture out.

But of course that can change in an instance, all we need is a couple of highs to move over our part of bass straight and bingo we will be back in action.

The author with one of his big yellowtail kingfish from New Zealand.

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