August is looking like an absolute belter
  |  First Published: August 2012

August 2012 is promising to be an absolute belter in the lead up to spring.

With the water on the march back towards the 90% plus mark, the fish should really start to feed up in a big way, putting on some condition after spawning. At this time of the year I will be putting in a lot of time around the back of the Bonnie Doon Bridge towards Melton.

The bays up the top will be super-productive on the grassy shallows with trout gorging themselves on worms and snails and all sorts of delicious little critters. Some of these spots are accessible for land-based anglers also, but if going to cross farmers property please use your manners and get permission, it really helps as common courtesy is something often lost in the excitement of the session ahead.

Another great spot up Bonnie Doon way is the Hutchinsons Road Boat Ramp. Shore bashing up there is a marvellous option with a good chance of catching a big trout or a good sized redfin. Bait anglers do better with worms, and while your worm is in, throw a lightly weighted Berkley T-Tail Minnow or a Rippleshad in natural baitfish colours, as you might just draw a fish or two into your bait zone.

You could also throw a hardbodied lure or if you don’t have waders you might want to throw a spoon or a Tassie Devil for extra distance. Give it crack and see if you can find a pattern. Sometimes faster retrieves work them out.

August should also see fish coming up to the rock walls, so deep diving hardbodied lures such as Chubby Jackalls, 3b Fat deep strikes being a good choice and don’t forget the reliable Stumpjumper, which is an absolute must have for Lake Eildon.

Recently trolling deep has been reliable, but flat lining and edge fishing should really come into its own in August.

Throughout August and September the Pondage will receive an influx of good-sized trout some of which I hear will be big brood stock. If we get a lot of rain in August it could be up and down like a yoyo so the rise is generally best.

Take plenty of warm clothes on your trips to Eildon, as it has been brutally cold this year.

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