Still hard going at Shep
  |  First Published: August 2008

Fishing in the Goulburn and Broken rivers around Shepparton over the past month has been extremely tough. That’s no surprise, really. It would always be nice for the odd fish to smash a lure or bait, but that has not been the case for many anglers this month.

With the local rivers not firing, many Shepparton anglers just give up. I urge you all to keep at it, as you may just land a monster in the colder months. Plus fishing is always better than sitting on the couch doing nothing!

I have not done as much fishing over the past month as I would have liked, but the times I have gone out I have had a ball. I got the chance to fish with Jessie Vella, the producer of Catch spinnerbaits, and his partner in crime on the water, Ryan Darcy. My brother-in-law and I headed out on the Goulburn for a big session of flicking lures ­– and the Catch boys were nice enough to throw a couple of spinnerbaits our way for the session.

I rig all my spinnerbaits up with Tiki Kickin Shrimpor theTiki Monkey as I have found that these soft plastics work well with all spinnerbaits. They are pretty much unknown to anglers but they are just a bit different to other soft plastics on the market, and they work for me.

I headed right to where the Broken River meets the Goulburn. It’s probably my favourite spot along the Goulburn. The reason I love it so much is that it has steep drop-offs that vary from 3-7m. There are lots of big snags near the deep holes, which makes casting lures great fun and bait fishing exciting.

The water from the Broken is always dirty and leaves a brown slick that runs through the water. It’s not a very pleasant sight but it doesn’t turn the fish off at all.

This outing we did not have any luck. We tried loads of spots, lures and colours, and put plenty of work, but the fish were just not biting.

Moving away from the Goulburn and Broken rivers, I have had reports from River Rat members that the redfin are biting in the Main Eastern Channel. Very small yabbies and worms are working the best. Trellys Tackle World has some really yabbies that are the perfect size for the redfin.

With the water level down in the Channel it should be easier to locate schools of redfin. If so, you will be in for a ripper of a time.

So get out there in the coming months and try your luck chasing redfin, or even just take light gear out with plenty of worms and get rid of some dirty carp. They are great fun to catch on light gear and it’s helping the waterways.

Fishing has been quiet in the Shepparton area. Hopefully it won’t be long until the golden perch in the Broken and Goulburn rivers become active again.

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