Road in is worth the effort
  |  First Published: August 2012

The estuary has been crabbing well but with the cool snap it has certainly slowed. The pesky water rats are still abundant, and are polishing off the bait before the muddies can get into the pots.

The Thirsty Sound has proven itself once again in the cooler months with huge bream abundant and as per usual for the passionate fishers good sized grunter, salmon and jew fill the iceboxes.

We haven’t had the best weather for reef fishing, however some of the bigger boats managed to get out to the Dukes and Hexham group of islands, and were rewarded with grassy sweetlip, red emperor and a few trout. To top it off a few got into some mackerel caught on ganged floaters.

The road has been a bit wet, with the immediate traffic finding it muddy and slippery, however with the sun and wind has dried it out nicely and reduced most of the smaller ridges and corrugation. The trenches n drains are still the same, so please slow down and drive to conditions.

If you want to complain about the road, just remember there are plenty of other places that fish and have sealed roads in and out, so maybe go elsewhere instead of complaining about our part of paradise. The road is what makes this place paradise, and the fishing is definitely worth the travel in.

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