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  |  First Published: August 2012

Glassy calm seas over several weekends during the June/July period saw most of the popular fishing grounds loaded with boats. The increased fishing pressure resulted in a lot of captures but when spread out amongst the masses it converts to one or two good fish per boat.

When the fish get a bit gun shy on the hard fished days it pays to go back to basics. Down grade line class, leader and sinker weight and fish the best freshest baits and lures around tide changes at dawn and dusk for improved results.


Most of the known snapper hot spots are firing, with the Gutters, 25 fathom, Burrum 8 Mile, Rooneys, Arch, Moon and the Arty all producing fish. Other captures from these reefs include cod, trout, coral bream, scarlets, blackall, trevally and cobia.

The winter pelagics have been harassing baitfish, such as hardiheads, herring and garfish, around most islands and creek mouths.

Queenfish, barely legal tailor, trevally and small broadbar mackerel have kept shore-based anglers and boaties busy on unweighted baits, plastics, hardbodies and surface lures.

Bream numbers have increased steadily over the spawning period with the smaller males in the 20-30cm range being dominant at the start. The big girls have turned up in the past month or so at Gatakers Bay, The Urangan Pier, the boat harbour, River Heads and Kingfisher jetty.

They have all produced fish over a kilo on plastics, hardbodies and bait. The best baits have been live yabbies, mullet/herring fillets and, of course, you can’t beat prawns.


Shovel-nosed shark, flathead, whiting and bream can be found on the flats and around the many creek mouths that spill in to the Straits.

Big grunter and jew are taking plastics and live bait, and trevally, tailor and broadies have been found wherever the bait is lingering.

Blue salmon are still around and a few squid are being caught around the rocks, jetties and creeks throughout the bay.

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