Baker tames west
  |  First Published: August 2012

Albany lived up to its reputation as a West Coast bream strong hold during the WA State Title Daiwa-Hobie BREAM Kayak series. With a quality field turning out, it was always going to take a great performance to take the win.

Current Hobie Fishing World Champion Scott Baker, produced another quality performance to take his second win in the west with a quality 6/6 for 2.835kg.With only a few hours pre fish the day before the tournament, Baker showed his tournament angling experience and spent the first day searching for locations that where producing better quality fish.

Baker fished his way along the edges of the main basin until he found his money bank late in the session just past the bridge in the King River. Even in his search for quality fish he still weighed in a respectable 1.15kg for his first day.

Baker returned to his money-spot on the second day with big fish in mind. Baker knew he had a chance to swing for the fence and go in search of the win.

“Sunday was one of those magic fishing days we all hope for but rarely have, I think I must have caught at least 15 legal fish and countless undersized,” said Baker.

Baker would make long casts over his chosen bank before starting an agonisingly slow retrieve allowing the lure to bounce off the bottom. His lure of choice was a Jackall Chubby 38F in brown suji shrimp and pink suji shrimp.

“It was really important to get the lure to bounce off the bottom and entice the strike,” said Baker.

This awesome location also gave the first place getter, the Hogs Breath Boss Hog for the event.

“The bank was holding a load of fish, I had my bag in three casts and kept upgrading all day long but that Boss Hog took off like a freight train - it was the icing on the cake,” said Baker.

Apart from taking the win, Baker also showed the ABT spirit of ‘who shares wins’ by helping fellow angler Peter Wood dial in on the technique to catch his bag and take a respectable fifth.

“I really enjoy heading west, and would recommend it to any angler and look forward to returning next season,”


West Australian bream angler Shane Owens showed his understanding of the conditions and habits of the Albany bream to take second place with a respectable 6/6, 2.59kg.

In contrast to Baker, Owens was a man with a plan. Owens’ bag came from the oyster racks off the main basin. With strong winds stirring up the water, Owens used a two-pronged approach to catch his fish.

Owens tackle included a Gladiator Elite Industries 7’ 2-4kg matched with a Daiwa Luvis 2000 spooled with Daiwa TD Sensor and 6lb Nitlon. The all-important lures of choice where a black gold Gladiator Vibe and a Berkle Gulp Crabby rigged on a 1/22oz jighead.

Owens would start the session by casting his Gladiator Vibe to the edge of the rack before letting it sink to the bottom. “The idea was to imitate an oyster falling off the racks,” said Owens.

As the lure lay on the bottom the fish would then swim over and pick the lure up. As the day progressed the wind would slowly begin to subside so Owens would change tacts and cast a Berkley Gulp Crabby rigged on a 1/22oz into the shady packets of the racks. Owens would again allow the lure to sink to the bottom but this time he used a two-hop retrieve to entice the fish’s attention.

“It was really great to enter a tournament with a plan and come away with a podium finish, it really give you confidence as an angler,” said Owens.


Event winner Scott Baker value-added his winnings at the Albany event courtesy of the event’s Hogs Breath Boss Hog. Caught on day two, like all of his fish for the weekend, it came on a Jackall Chubby bounced along the bottom.


7’ Samaki Zecton 4-8lb

Daiwa Steez 2004

2lb Famell Spinning FC

Jackall Chubby 38F Deep in brown suji shrimp and pink suji shrimp


“It was really important to get the lure to bounce off the bottom and entice the strike,” said Baker.

Angler Results

1Scott BAKER6/62.835$500 + $100 BH + Prize
2Shane OWENS6/62.590$350 + Prize
3Scott BROWN6/61.945$250 + Prize
4Shane DE MELLO4/61.925$100 + Prize
5Peter WOODS3/61.290Prize
6Mark DE CRUZ3/61.180 
7Brendan CHAMBERS3/61.125 
8Joe FRANCO4/60.920 
9Keith ANDREWS2/60.820 
10John SORRELL3/60.730 
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