Meredith’s consistency wins Tweed
  |  First Published: August 2012

With an influx of fresh water and large numbers of undersize bream the Tweed River round of the 2012 Daiwa Hobie BREAM series was going to take supreme consistency to take the win.

Queensland BREAM fishing fanatic Nicholas Meredith showed his skills as a tournament angler filling his bag each day to record a 6/6, 2.48kg bag and in the process secure his first win of the 2012 season.

On both days Meredith caught his winning fish in the Oxley Cove canal system.

Early in the first session Meredith targeted the pontoons and bank side structure for no reward.

“Even after the large fresh in the system, I knew there would still be fish holding in the area, it wasn’t until I miss cast into the open space that I found where the fish were holding,” said Meredith.

Once he had established the pattern Meredith would cast into the open space between the pontoons before allowing his cut down Squidgy Lobby rigged on a TT HWS 1/28oz jighead to sink to the bottom.

Meredith would then allow the lure to sit on the bottom; if the fish didn’t pick it up off the bottom in one spot he would reel in and move on and hit the next gap in the pontoons. To do this Meredith’s tackle was a G.Loomis SR842 rod matched with a Daiwa Certate 1003 reel spooled with 2lb Berkley Crystal Fireline and 2lb Daiwa TDR Competition fluorocarbon leader.

“It wasn’t high paced fishing but it was what needed to be done. The key was to be patient and use loads of S-Factor,” said Meredith.

With another win under his belt Meredith showed that he is back in form coming into the back end of the season.

“I really have been lacking confidence in my fishing since the Grand Final in 2011 so it’s a really good feeling to have regained confidence coming into the pointy end of the season. With the support of Sunstate Hobie and my current form I’m feeling like another win is not to far away,” said Meredith.

Somerton shows skill to take second

Victorian Richard Somerton showed that he is one to watch no matter where a tournament is being held catching a 5/6, 1.77kg limit to claim yet another podium finish.

After making the long trip from Victoria, Somerton knew that he would have to make the most of his limited pre-fish time. Somerton found good concentrations of fish located on the flats in Terranora Creek and knew it would be all about dialling in on what the fish would respond too.

With his location locked in Somerton knew it was just about executing his plan. The area Somerton targeted was a broken weed flat in 1-1.5m of water at the start of Terranora Creek. Here he fished an 80mm Squidgy Wriggler (blood worm colour) swapping his jighead between a 1/24oz and 1/16oz jighead depending on the depth he wanted to target.

Somerton would make long punching casts across the flats before starting a slow rolling retrieve. To do this work Somerton’s tackle included a Nitro Vapour rod matched with a Daiwa Certate 1003 reel, spooled with 3lb Berkley Crystal Fireline and 3lb V Hard leader.

“It was important to get the jighead weigh correct so the lure would run in the correct zone. Once I fond that zone it was just about sorting through the undersized fish,” said Somerton

“I really enjoyed the challenge of fishing a new tournament venue and have to thank Steve Fields from Hobie Cat Australasia for transporting a kayak for me to fish out of for the weekend,” said Somerton.

With the end of the season fast approaching the race for the 2012 Daiwa-Hobie BREAM Kayak Series Angler of the Year is heating up.

For more information on a tournament near you head to www.bream.com.au. - ABT

Hogs Breath Boss Hog

The Hog’s Breath Boss Hog went to Denis Metzdorf for his cracking 1.01 kg Tweed River monster.

In a river plagued with undersized fish, Metzdorf’s fish was a stand out for the event. Metzdorf fished the flats near the mouth of Terranora Creek targeting fish on the edges of the weed beds, with the fish falling to a Pontoon 21 Mojrilla (colour 907). Metzdorf imparted a slow rolling retrieve, pausing it occasionally to allow the fish to key in on the lure. “Once it hit I knew it was a better quality fish,” said Metzdorf.

Winning Tackle

Rod: G.Loomis SR842

Reel: Daiwa Certait

Line: Fireline Crystal

Leader: Daiwa TDR Competition Flurocarbon

Lure: Squidgie Lobby (cut down) rigged on a TT HWS 1/28oz jighead

Winning Edge

“I used loads of S-Factor, the end of the lure was caked in it,” said Meredith.


Place Angler FishWeight (kg)Cash Prizes
1 Nicholas MEREDITH 6/62.48 $550 Strike Pro, Atomic and Berkley Pack
2 Richard SOMERTON 5/61.77 $300 Strike Pro and Berkley Pack
3 Denis METZDORF 3/61.72 $350Atomic Prize Pack
4 Richard CREIGHTON 4/61.69 $170 Atomic and Strike Pro Pack
5 Mathew CAMERON 4/61.55 Strike Pro & Berkley Pack
6 Jason MEECH 3/61.03
7 Scott MARCINKOWSKI 2/61.00
8 Luke ROGAN 3/60.90
9 Peter WOODS 2/60.82
10 Scott SANDILANDS 2/60.63
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