What to do at this time of year?
  |  First Published: July 2012

With both winter and the closed trout season upon us, what should the keen angler be looking for?

thinking what you need to do at this time of year to get a fish the is the fun of fishing so the tacktic of findind a deep hole with cold water for the fish to hide in are now tuned all aroud so the fish atb this time of year are wright at your feet some ti in 100mm -300mm of water .So this crate it on changers in how do you put a bait  or lure in water with out spoking or scaring the fish a way and the middel of the afternoon can be the prime bit time as the bug water insectes have come to life as there defrosted from the moring chille and the flow of the water being reduced meening thay cane save there energe by sitting back waters and there prediter are in much less numbers at this time of year This time of year you need to put on your of soled shoes so you cane sneek up on the wheir fish with a soft abll of your foot aproch this means that when you aproch the water you walk on the balls of your feet  not putting your hearl on the groud .if you want to find out if your got the art of stealth up to scratch then find ssome watewr where there are water beatals in the the water thers are the small black bug that look like there scating on the top of there water with there legs if you ncan sneak up to the waters edge with them not making a run for it then you know that you got you snaking skilles up to scatch which is a grate skill to have for any time of year but makes all the drifernts at this time of year. So now that you got that down pat and now you know that the fish are hidding on the edge of if you  get a cople of split shot on your line just 100-150mm up the line size 6 bait hold hook and driffting it throw weed beads on the egdes of the water and you can try the staned scrub worm but a much better shot will be the new fisho bait which is gut based bait that it soaked in annerseed which is like taking the fish to darrell lee shop and saying have a free feed and we all like a treat and so do the fish so give them and and you have a grate days fishing cherrs lofty     

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