Fish still feed in spite of cold water
  |  First Published: July 2012

Cold, wet and windy days are something that all anglers hate.

Over the past weeks and in the coming month this is pretty much what we can expect. The long sleeves are on at the footy and the fires are lit at home. But where does that leave the fish.

Well there is no sleeves or fires under the water and yes they are still out and about in our local water systems.

Over the past month anglers have been experiencing rise and falls in the river and this has been bringing on the fish. If your lucky enough to be out when the water is changing you would of experienced some better than average fishing.

The colder months also brings on the larger cod, with this in mind get some advice on the latest lures, rods and reels.

When chasing the big local cod I would use nothing less than 30lb braid and 30lb leader. Personally I would bump the leader to 50lb. Tying knots with heavier line can be a hassle so make sure you ask for advice at your local tackle store.

Confidence is the key to chasing big fish and good advice is a priceless boost to your confidence. With the water temperatures down, keep at certain snags. You may need to spend 40 or 50 cast with two or three different lure types to either annoy a monster or get it keen.

One last tip is be patient it may take many cold mornings to land a big one but it will be definitely worth the wait.

Other options in our region are the channels. If there is still water in them give them a crack as they usually fire all year round. I have been using the 50mm Bozo Smelt plastics and TN50 Jackals.

One afternoon I headed out for a flick and managed to land a 32cm and a 35cm redfin both on the same lure at the same time. I was amazed to see a fish on both sets of trebles.

Target the drop bars if you can and fish the down side, work each bar for 30 or 40 casts and then move spots.

Good luck with the cooler weather and I look forward to seeing some monster cod photos.

Kaleb Oxley with a 80cm cod caught on a Outlaw Spinnerbait in the Goulburn River.

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