The Cod Walloper
  |  First Published: July 2012

From time to time I get bored with tying trout flies and I like to stretch my tying fingers and expand my brain and come up with something out there.

Occasionally friends give me a fly and ask me to copy it, as is the case with this particular fly. Not sure if it has an official name as I have never seen it around, but it is big and ugly and loud, so I am sure it will appeal to anything from cod to barramundi.

Big natives such as cod and barra need big food items to fill them up, and as they can be lazy and often go doggo, so something big and gaudy is needed to arouse them from their stupor.

This fly therefore has lots of colour and movement, something akin to a sub aquatic Mardi Gras, and with the right action you can make it samba amongst the snags.

Fishing this fly as big and un-aerodynamic as it is requires some specialised gear and some modified casting actions to avoid unwanted piercings and other associated lumps, bumps and contusions on the back of ones skull.

Rod from #7 upwards would be ideal. Leaders do not have to be too technical, a single length of mono about the same length as your rod of between 5-8kg will suffice. Attach the flies to the leader with a loop knot, this will allow the fly to move freely.

These big natives thrive on structure and as such you will need to get your flies deep into their territory, put the flies through their front doors so to speak. Use a number of different retrieves starting with rapid quick succession strips of about 15-20cm. Alternate this with a longer draw and pause retrieve.


HOOK:Mustad 34007 1/0
THREAD:Black bug thread
BODY: Black & chartreuse marabou
THROAT:Red marabou
EYES:Red 3D eyes
FLASH:Gold crystal flash
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