Determination needed in Central Vic
  |  First Published: July 2008

The fishing in central Victoria in recent weeks has been disappointing. There haven’t been many local reports of success, but determined anglers are finding enough to keep them interested.


The fishing in Lake Eppalock is very slow. In July, redfin are the most targeted species in the lake. The reddies will often school up and move into the deepest sections of the lake.

Anglers fishing out of boats are likely to have the most success when targeting the redfin. The schools will often be located off the end of a point or where there is a good drop-off. They can be difficult to locate and a lot of locations can be tried before a good concentration of fish is found. If a good school is located, casting soft plastics or jigging Ice jigs can be productive methods.


The Campaspe River has been probably the most productive destination around Bendigo in recent weeks. Two local anglers recently fished the Campaspe near Barnadown and landed 13 fish for the day. The biggest was a 67cm Murray cod, while the rest were redfin. The most productive method was casting soft plastics.

Water clarity is good and water flows are minimal. The Campaspe River will produce quality redfin in July for those anglers who will put the time in. There have been isolated captures of golden perch and Murray cod at Elmore and Rochester, but at both these destinations redfin are still making up the majority of captures.


Fishing reports from Cairn Curran have been scarce. The lake is currently at 5% of capacity. Anglers trolling the edges with Tassie Devils and small hard-bodied lures should start to produce a few trout shortly.

Fishers targeting redfin during winter should troll deep diving hard-bodied lures. Cairn Curran can be a great destination at which to use downriggers to fish minnow style lures such as Rapala Husky Jerks. If the redfin are schooled up, casting soft plastics or jigging Ice jigs is a good options.


The fishing in the Loddon River has slowed dramatically. Catch rates are very low with only the occasional golden perch being landed. The redfin fishing is usually good during July and anglers concentrating their fishing efforts on the weed beds will produce some good fish.

There are only small numbers of Murray cod being caught in Central Victoria at the present time. Redfin are a better bet in July.

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