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  |  First Published: June 2012

June weather should be quite fresh and the temperature will be such that all many of us will think about is snuggling in from of the fire or heater, rather that donning the Winter woollies and having a fish.

I have found over the past few years that June weather patterns have been reasonably steady and let’s hope that’s the case again.

We should see an increase in numbers of silver trevally, drummer, luderick, snapper and tailor, while bream, flathead, flounder and whiting numbers should wane.

Here are some places you could try if we get some steady June weather.


Bonnet Bay Inlet is a small but productive piece of water in the lower Woronora River. There are a couple of places you can fish from a boat or from the shore.

It is best fished about and hour before high tide and for about two hours of the falling tide. Try working the shallow shoreline with hard bodied lures and soft plastics from a boat. You could also try anchoring up near the entrance to this small bay and fishing the last of the run-out tide. Bream, mullet, flounder, whiting and flathead would make up most of your catch, but you will need to berley.

Park near the soccer field at Bonnet Bay and it is a short walk to the water’s edge, where you can cast a bait out into the channel. The couple of hours either side of the top of the tide seems to work the best for me.

The Old Woronora Bridge is a great place to fish for luderick on the run-up tide. Use fresh green weed and add a small but constant stream of berley to get best results.

The Woronora River has two boat ramps. The smallest and shallowest is just upstream of Prince Edward Park and the other is just downstream of the Woronora Bridge at Washington Drive.

Both of these ramps produce poddy mullet by using a bait trap. Once you have around a dozen (limit 20 per person) you could fish off the breakwall at Prince Edward Park on the run-out tide.


Maroubra Beach has a lot going for it during the Winter. You can target salmon, tailor and bream in the gutters using half or whole pilchards and garfish. Worms, beach, tube and blood, will also get you plenty of fish on this beach.

For drummer and silver trevally toss out a lightly weighted whole peeled prawn, lump of cunjevoi or a red crab. I prefer to rig a small ball sinker running directly down to the top of the bait to reduce the chance of getting snagged. Berley with chicken pellets or bread.

Little Bay is a quiet little inlet that at times produces silver trevally, bream, drummer, garfish, mullet and even the odd snapper. Whole pilchards or garfish rigged on ganged hooks and set about a metre below a bobby cork can get tailor, salmon and squid.

If you don’t mind a walk through the bush down a steep slope you could try the area called Burning Palms. Park at the Garawarra parking area.

Be careful of your footing when going down and up here, especially after a bit of rain. You will need to take in all your bait to fish here. There is a bit of cunje and green weed to be found on the rocks.

Take loaves of stale bread to use as berley and use it all up while you are down there – the climb back is a bitch.

Bream, salmon, tailor, drummer, trevally, snapper, groper, leatherjackets and bonito can be taken here during the Winter.


A number of rock groynes protrude from the shore between Dolls Point and Brighton Le Sands and also over on Silver Beach at Kurnell.

Any of these groynes hold luderick, mullet, garfish, salmon and tailor. The best time to fish them is a couple of hours either side of the high tide.

The end of the Third Runway is always a spot to try for trevally, salmon, tailor and the odd bream during the cooler months. I always anchor here, laying out a berley trail and I fish with peeled prawns and pink nippers on long leaders. You can also try a half or whole pilchard on ganged hooks.

Shore-based anglers could fish off the beach in front of the park at Dolls Point.

You can park right at the breakwall that runs along the park just north of Dolls Point. The other weekend I came across a number of anglers who had their rods set up and were sitting in their cars having a coffee just waiting for a bite.

Over at Kurnell you could try fishing the inside of the rocky point at Kurnell. This place is especially good a couple of days after there has been a big sea running from the south. You can try for squid here during calmer days.

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