Lake and Pondage producing
  |  First Published: July 2008

Lake Eildon and the Pondage continue to produce good results for anglers.

The lake is currently holding around 14% of capacity. Irrigation has now finished for the season, so hopefully we can get some winter rain to improve the lake level.

Ken from Totally Trout in Alexandra has had a number of very happy anglers call in to report their catches after good days’ fishing on the Lake.

Redfin are still being caught in good numbers, with scrubworms the bait choice of choice. Best reports have been of 64 redfin caught by one happy angler, and 60 by another, all on scrubworms.

There have been isolated catches of native fish, with a 5kg cod caught on an Auspin spinnerbait in the Jerusalem Creek Arm. Another 5kg cod was caught on a large chatterbait, and a 53cm cod was caught on scrubworms near the powerlines in the main arm.

Golden perch to 3kg have been caught trolling StumpJumper lures. On the subject of golden perch, the good news is that 22,000 fingerlings have been released into the lake. Hopefully a large number of these reach a good size and provide some good fishing in the future.

Good catches of trout continue to roll in. One angler caught 15 trout between the main wall and the Big River arm by trolling Tassie Devils in an assortment of colours.

A 2kg brown trout was caught in Jerusalem Creek on a silver Tassie Devil, and a 2.5kg rainbow trout was caught in the Main Arm on an Oargee lure.

There are many other reports of good trout caught, mainly along the Main Arm. When trolling, make sure you keep rotating your lures and change your trolling speed until you get the right combination.

The Eildon Pondage continues to fish well. A number of trout have been released recently into the Pondage, including 400 rainbows up to 360g, 200 rainbows to 1kg, 30 rainbows of 3-4kg, and 90 rainbows of 4-5kg. In addition, 45 browns of 4-5kg were released.

Gazza at Eildon Bait and Tackle has had a number of good reports come in from the Pondage, the best being of rainbow trout of 6kg landed on Tassie Devil lures.

A number of other good-sized rainbows have been reported. Scrubworms, Tassie Devils and PowerBait have all taken fish.

For further information about fishing around Eildon, call Wayne at Hooked on the Goulburn Fishing Tours (03 5772 2626).

The Eildon Pondage has been producing plenty of trout. It is open all year and is a great option while the rivers are closed.

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