Goulburn steady as she goes
  |  First Published: July 2008

With the closing of the trout season upon us, I decided to make a visit to some of the more popular locations on the Queens Birthday long weekend. Although the results varied quite a bit, it seemed that most anglers had managed to take at least one fish, whilst the more experienced had taken several.

The fish were a mixture of rainbows and browns and ranged between 200g-1.5kg. All methods (fly, bait and spin) had taken fish. All anglers agreed that they would be back next year at the same time. If you ventured off somewhere else for the long weekend and missed out, then keep this area in mind for next year. The Goulburn River really is one of the state’s best trout streams.

On the native fish scene, the last month has been quite good for Murray cod. The river is currently very low, but also very clear. Lures are the most effective method, with trolled StumpJumpers and Oargees doing well, along with spinnerbaits cast among the snags.

The redfin have been a little quieter with the cooler weather, but the odd one up to 1kg is a welcome catch in between Murray cod. Hopefully, the reddies will continue to bite for some time yet. If you’re making a trip up here, the Mitchelton Winery area is still one of the best places to start your fishing. Be aware that the river level is very low at the moment so you will need to exercise great care when boating in the Goulburn.

Downstream of Murchison, right through to Shepparton, has also been quite good. Murray cod have been taken in good numbers, along with several very good golden perch. Andrew Burstill, from Kilmore, caught a 32lb Murray cod on a green and black skirted spinnerbait, along with another two of 38cm and 54cm. He also caught a 37cm golden perch – not too bad for just an afternoon’s fishing. He felt sure he would have been able to manage another fish or two had he not lost the successful lure on a snag.

This may well be an appropriate time to point out that it always pays to have at least two of each lure with you when fishing. This way if you do strike a hot bite on a particular lure or colour then you have something to fall back on if one is lost.

Freshwater crayfish will be on the menu for a lot of fishers in July. The Goulburn River has a very good population of these popular crustaceans and they can be found virtually anywhere along the length of the river. I don’t have any early reports to hand as yet, but I’m sure it won’t be too long before they start coming in.

Speaking of reports, it is always pleasing to receive the emails and photos that so many of you send in. Keep them coming and if possible include a photo. You may then get a chance to see yourself in the magazine!

Wayne Gurnett with a Murray cray caught in the Goulburn last year.

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