Late wet keeps barra biting
  |  First Published: June 2012

Our late wet season has allowed many tourists to get here for the hot barramundi bite straight after the wet.

Calm weather through May has been awesome with plenty of fish caught out the front and up the river.

Normanton has continued to impress with some metre plus barramundi caught by trolling small lures over the shallow rock bars.

The night time action off the old bridge has seen plenty of king salmon brought to the filleting table for those patient enough to wait for the bite. Anglers have used unweighted live bait with 60lb mono trace.

This is a good time to get out the front in calm weather and chase the northern longtail tuna and Spanish mackerel. Trolling shallow diving lures at 7 knots around the bait schools can result in a Spanish mackerel and the tuna will take a flicked metal slug as they feed on the surface.

Longtail tuna will feed into the wind, so position your boat upwind of the feeding fish and cast over them. Pause for five seconds before retrieving the lure at high speed. This will allow the lure to stay under the surface for a longer time. These great sport fish will die if hooked so only catch enough to keep before moving back to troll for mackerel.

Try trolling a popper outside the Sand Island for some great queenfish and spotted mackerel action.

Please keep away from anchored boats as there is plenty of room and the fish move around so there is no need to get close. You will see the queenfish school moving by watching all hell break loose on the other boats as the school moves along. Be careful when handling them as they are quite awkward and can put that popper treble in your hand in no time.

The grunter have not turned up in big numbers but some 80cm fish have been caught amongst the 40-45cm specimens. You will find them up the river and the easy way is to leave late and just head up until you find the armada of tinnies. If you get to the powerlines you have gone too far.

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