Floods slows fishing
  |  First Published: May 2012

Fishing in the streets was a past time for many local anglers in mid autumn; it has been a good six weeks since we had the floods around Shepparton and as I thought it has impacted the fishing.

I have heard so many stories of fish being sighted on the roads and all the way into backyards during the floods.

Dirty river conditions pretty much spoiled a lot of our plans for a last crack at a big Murray cod.

Muddy banks, dirty water and mosquitoes on steroids is what we have been facing.

We have been hit hard over the past years with dirty water an un-steady river heights. All my favourite snags are now nowhere to be seen after the March flood. What this means is more and more fishing to find new favourite spots.

This isn’t a bad thing, as you can learn a lot about fishing when searching for new spots or trying a new technique.

One place that has enjoyed the recent inflows of water in the Waranga Basin, the redfin must be eating the steroid filled mozzies because in the past weeks I have been landing some thumping reddies.

I hear so many people bad-mouth the fishing at Waranga, but as I see it, too many anglers sit in one spot for hours on end. Try moving around and fish different water depths until the fish are found.

If you’re having a flick, throw a bait rod over the side; the slow drift or just the movement of the boat will be enough to keep your worms active under the water ready for a fish.

When trolling, knowing your lures and what depths they run is very important. I try to cover as much of the water column as possible send one deep and one mid-water. Run one close to the surface and one smashing the bottom until you find what depth is working the best.

My tip for this month is don’t ever leave fish to find bigger fish. They will move in and out of a feeding zone all day, so make sure if you’re going to move you have done everything possibly to get the big ones.

Hopefully the rain has finished and we can look forward to some solid winter fishing in the coming months.

But if the rivers are still not good get to Waranga and drown a worm or throw some lures.

Josh Brown with a Waranga Basin redfin on a Bozo Yabba Dabber Doo

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