Kinder fishing for winter
  |  First Published: May 2012

With weather affecting most of the fishing summer has to offer let’s hope the cooler months are kinder.


The reefs are holding several species of mackerel and trevally, which are working bait throughout the depth spectrum. On the bottom blackall, sweetlip, rosey jobfish and of course sharks have been a common catch.

A few snapper are starting to turn up so don’t forget some berley and plastics if you’re heading up that way. On the surface longtails and mac tuna are around, with Spanish and school mackerel and the odd spottie taking cast lures and live bait.


There has been a good mix of species here with reliable numbers of the smaller fish to make up a decent catch. Moses perch, hussar, smaller (legal) sweetlip, blackall and snapper are all quality eating fish and with fuel prices as they are it is becoming more necessary to show at least some return to justify a trip to the gutters.

These bread and butter species help top up the fish supply, but the good news is that prize species should improve over the coming months. Coral trout, reds, jack, parrot, snapper and scarlets have been consistent lately on a mixture of live and dead baits, as well as plastics.


The pier has been affected by dirty water but has still managed to produce some quality fish during this period. Live baiting herring mid water and on the bottom works most days, but comes in to its own when the water clarity is bad.

Queenfish and golden trevally were consistent through the dirty period and the fishing will only improve as the water clears. Around the pylons and in the first channel bream, garfish and some big flathead (up to 3kg) are taking baits of worm, yabbies, squid and herring.


The creek mouths and ledges are fishing well with the night tides being the most productive. Live and fresh baits are working with cod, Moses perch, shovel-nosed shark, jack, barra and threadfin being caught

Grunter are really starting to fire too with double figures being caught during evening sessions. Best baits include pike, herring, mullet and yabbies for live bait and mullet fillets, squid and prawns if store bought bait is required.

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