Maiden victory for Dingwell
  |  First Published: May 2012

A record field of 77 die-hard kayakers attended the sixth round of the 2012 Daiwa-Hobie Kayak Series at Marlo.

The Marlo round acted as the VIC State Title event, while also offering the top two competitors a place in the World Championship later this year. 

Victorian, Justin Dingwall topped the score sheet with a full limit and a total weight of 5.43kg. Producing consistently heavy bags for the two day tournament Dingwall overcame Dave Hedge (6/6, 5.2kg) from New South Wales.

Dingwall, fishing his first Daiwa-Hobie Kayak event, had to abandon his go-to strategy of fishing a favourite set of snags due to a falling tide. Instead Dingwall found a fast flowing rock wall on the way towards the Brodribb and Snowy River junction and identified schooling fish on his sounder.

Dingwall explains, “My sounder lit up with red bricks all over the screen, a school of bream, big bream! So I made my cast and thump, I thought I’d hooked the bottom then my Sol 2500 started screaming as 6lb line peeled off the reel. The fight stayed deep, I thought I was playing with a flathead as it was using the current. It started doing laps of my kayak causing havoc and making it hard to control. After about five minutes of fighting, up came a solid horse of a fish! It measured 45cm and weighed 1.42kg.” 

With an eye on the top spot, Dingwall realised that consistency was the key heading into day two and headed to an area that he identified in the pre fish. Fishing the Highway Bridge in the Brodribb, he recounts that 

“Fishing was tough, bites were soft and I could manage to hook fish but keeping them on the hook was a different story. Finally I hooked a fish and after a decent fight another bream about 1.3kg came to the net. It was a done deal until my lure came out at the last moment and the fish went backwards out of the net and into the drink! An hour later I landed a 40cm and a 35cm fish then drifted back past where I lost my big one and got a 32cm fish. 

“In a last attempt to get rid of my small fish, I tried the fallen trees on the sand flats where people were pumping sandworm near the top island. I cast out my DOA Wriggler and dropped a fish. The next cast in got slammed and after a good tussle I landed a 44cm bream weighing 1.37kg.”

The outcome was a 2.81kg bag and anchored Dingwall’s maiden Daiwa-Hobie BREAM Kayak win – a dream beginning to his kayak tournament career.

Hedge Hauls at Marlo

Dave Hedge’s tournament was also based around consistency. Hedge brought cracker fish to the scales each day, with his day one kicker fish weighing 1.665kg.

The tournament for Hedge was spent around Lake Corrigal, fishing consecutive drifts to land one fish per drift (albeit, not all being legal sized). Recognising the need to secure better fish, Hedge persisted in the area to secure his kicker fish and most importantly a pattern and confidence that would assist him on the second day.

With the second day bite later than the first, Hedge ventured back to Lake Corrigal and did it tough for the morning, securing only a small 29cm fish.

Hedge left the area only to realise that the situation was just as tough at the second location he fished. Putting his faith in the area that served him well during the first day, Hedge moved back to Lake Corrigal to secure a full limit.

However, Hedge’s day wasn’t over, with a full limit in the live well he said, 

“I decided to head for home at top speed and made it with around 25 minutes to spare. Yakkers were everywhere so I looked for a bank similar to the lake and fished the sandy bank on the northern side of the river along the top of the drop-off. A couple of casts to go and the lure takes a big hit, like the bear from day one. Eventually a 1.3kg fish slides into the net.


Winner’s Edge

Dingwall’s success can be attributed to his technique, fishing Berkley Fry and Squidgy Wrigglers. The use of these lures was based on the idea that fish on the muddy edges would be foraging for worms.

Hogs Breath Boss Hog

Dave Hedge also secured the Boss Hog Big Bream with his day one effort.

Fishing the Lake Corrigal area at around 9.30am, Hedge landed his kicker on a Lucky Craft Tango.

“The fish came out of nowhere when it hit the lure. All my other fish had given a few taps first, but the big weight just buckled the rod over. I was out in a fairly open area so I wound the drag back and let him have his head. The first good run saw him start to come back to the yak slowly and, in typical black bream style, balked at the site of the yak and sat about 6-10ft out for a minute or two. I could see I had a good double set of trebles hooked up, so just played my time getting him in and completely spent, he just slid into the net.


With 77 kayakers being the new number to beat, the NSW State Titles at Forster looks to be an event not to be missed.


PlaceNameTotal FishTotal Weight(kg)Payout
1Justin Dingwall 6/65.430$1,425 + Prize Pack
2Dave Hedge 6/65.200$650 + Prize Pack
3Richard Somerton 6/65.085$550 + Prize Pack
4Nick Mace 6/65.075$400 + Prize Pack
5Stewart Dunn 6/65.060$400 + Prize Pack
6Joel Crosbie 6/64.990$300 + Prize Pack
7Dale Baxter 6/64.800$300 + Prize Pack
8Greg Lewis 6/64.610$300 + Prize Pack
9Jason Meech 6/64.455$250 + Prize Pack
10Scott Marcinkowski 6/64.440$200 + Prize Pack
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