Pelagic action to increase
  |  First Published: May 2012

The weather over the last month has been all over the shop with winds from all directions testing the patience of keen anglers.

The beauty of Weipa is that there are a wide variety of fishing options available so you can fish in basically any weather – cyclones excluded.

The later than usual wet has seen some fantastic land based barramundi and sooty grunter fishing from the western flowing water ways and some stand out saratoga have also been coming out of the lagoons and swamps that feed off the Ducie, Skardon and Wenlock rivers.

Barra are the number one target fish for the hordes of travelling anglers that come to the Cape each year and unfortunately the humble sooty grunter and saratoga go relatively unnoticed. There is no doubt that a meter plus barra is a great achievement, however when there are 50cm wild sooties and 75cm saratoga on offer in their natural habitat I can’t believe that more anglers don’t target them.

Nearly every waterway between Archer River and the Tip hold great light tackle fishing for theses three species. So if you haven’t tried taking sooty or saratoga on light gear, get up here and give it a go.

There have been some great reports of the usual reef species on the days when people have been able to get out. There has been some standout bar cheek trout and big tuskfish coming from the 10m line off Dyfkun. Some of these fish are approaching the 70cm mark and are about as good as you will find in these western waters.

The ever popular 7” jerk shads have been claiming their fair share of victims, while the humble old pillie and flesh stripey snapper seem to be working the best on the trout. Remember to feather the yellow tail of the stripey snapper and leave it on the cut bait for additional attraction. The yellow flash from the tail bouncing around entices them to bite and if a big trout, red emperor or saddle-tail sea perch in the area you will almost definitely get an enquiry.

The month ahead should start to see the southeasterlies kick in for good and the cooler mornings will see the pelagic action increase. Massive bait schools can be found all along the coast and if you start casting small metal slugs or drop jigs into the masses of baitfish you will soon see yourself hooked up to a speedy in no time. Be prepared to hook just about everything from Spaniards to longtail tuna with countless trevally species thrown in for good measure.

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