Quality fishing after fresh
  |  First Published: May 2012

This time of year is just fantastic for getting out on the water and wetting a line. The water temp will be dropping off and the water quality should have improved from the heavy fresh the system received earlier in the year.

This all bodes well as last year when the fresh finished the fishing went off with great catches of bream, whiting and flathead and we should expect that to happen again this month.

Bream fishers will be gearing up for a bumper season with the larger, better quality fish starting to feed up in preparation for their breeding season. This means they will be actively looking for a food source and a well-presented bait should prove irresistible.

Using berley will also help your cause as it will start the smaller fish feeding and will attract larger fish to the area. Using small hardbodied minnows along the rock walls or twitching small soft plastics around sunken trees is another great way to target bream around the ‘Pin area as there is an abundance of structure you can target where they like to congregate.

The pick spots to try this month will be from the Pig Sties to the dead trees along the bottom of North Straddie, the southern side of Short Island, Flatrock, the Powerlines and Rocky Point. Best baits to try are prawns, yabbies, whitebait and mullet gut. Flesh baits like bonito and mullets fillets are a great bait as they stay on the hook longer and give you more of a chance to catch the fish.

Flathead will still be available in good numbers for those chasing a lizard or two. Soft plastics are working really well on these ambush predators who sit and wait for prey to swim past, so by twitching your lure erratically along the bottom in front of them is a great way to stir the flatty into a strike.

When drifting with baits for flatties try to present the bait as naturally as possible as they won’t hit a spinning or poorly presented bait. Try around the top of Crusoe Island, Cobby Passage, the eastern end of Fishermans Channel, Tiger Mullet Channel and the Pandannus weed banks.

Whiting will still be around in good numbers around the mouth of the Logan all the way up the river to Alberton Sands. Couran Cove to Tipplers Island is another great stretch of water to target whiting or you could try along Tabby Tabby, Diner Island or Tipplers Island. Once again worms are the best bait or try prawns or yabbies to score yourself a feed.

There are plenty of jew about but mainly between the 60-70cm length which means they are undersized and need to be put back. They need to be over 75cm and have a bag limit of two.

Live baits are working the best as usual but large banana prawns, pilchards or bonito fillets work well too. Try around the deep water off Swan Bay, Kalinga Bank, Short Island, Giants Grave and in the Logan near Marks or Pitts Rocks.

There are still a few muddies and sandies around even though the season should be winding down. However if we go back to last year the season went well into August. The Logan River mouth, the Powerlines, Tiger Mullet Channel and down towards the Pimpama River are still good spots to try.

Don’t forget the King Of The Pin fishing comp is on again this month starting Friday 25 May to Sunday 27 May. Entry fee is only $30 adults/$10 juniors (15 and under) with a major prize of $2000 cash for the heaviest random species. Tickets available here at Gem Bait & tackle. Weigh in is at the Gem Hotel Sun 27th and there will be food/entertainment and you could even win yourself a boat package worth over $13000.

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