Eildon the trophy water
  |  First Published: April 2012

Lake Eildon is fast becoming a trophy fish lake and I’m talking for all species that live in it.

Over the past season we have had massive Murray cod to 1.4m and 50kg, trout to 85cm and 6kg, yellowbelly to 70cm and 9kg, redfin to 45cm and 2kg, not to mention loads and loads of fish of all sizes right up to these giants.

The lake is going through somewhat of a rebirth in my opinion with all of this fertile undergrowth really providing a wonderful food source for the next few years. Also the timing of the Murray cod million release is perfect. The extra undergrowth may increase the survival rate of these little legends

There are massive amounts of redfin at the moment; a quick Sunday session producing 101 keepers (redfin of course) and a total of 6kg of fillets. Please don’t be scared to take a big feed home there are literally millions of reddies in the lake.

Good numbers of trout up to 2.5kg have also been reported from all over the lake with many of guys doing well trolling in the middle of the lake fishing in 3-5m of water using dual depth Tassie Devils on the deeper tow point. The fishing on the edges has been quite productive also the new Berkley 3B crank walking stick 70mm absolutely smashing them up. The best colours are Mowgli, Nooch and Dirty Dog.

The yellowbelly fishing has also started to move along slowly with more reports starting to flow in with some smaller fish around the 1kg mark coming to bibbed lures and the bigger fish have been coming on the good old yabby.


It has been very consistent of late, producing trout up to 1.5kg with the standout lure for me being the Gulp Alive 1” crickets in brown. With so many crickets about around our area, it made sense to give them a try and I wasn’t disappointed that for sure.


The local streams have all been fishing well but should come in to their own in April. It was been such a topsy-turvy year in the rivers with no consistency to flows in comparison to recent years. This could really change in April.

After so much success with the Gulp crickets in the pondage, it would make sense to cast these little guys around the grass edges and hang on. As always the cleaner water is the key so don’t just fish next to a road or a bridge walk a bit further and you will see the results: please be mindful of land owners.

After the floods a lot of folks with river frontage land have spent loads of time and money repairing banks and fences. As it is a small number of punters that do the wrong thing and give anglers a bad name at times, which is a shame.

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