Unusual catches in Western Port
  |  First Published: April 2012

Summer fishing has drawn to a close with autumn now upon us.

Late summer produced a few unusual catches for me. I was fishing on the Middle Spit with my mate Wally and he hooked into something. I thought that he had hooked into a bit of cunjevoi or a lump of rock but what he had actually caught was a Morton Bay bug! (It’s a long way to Morton Bay).

Then on my next trip while fishing off Lysaghts for a gummy I hooked into something big which I thought was a skate but it turned out to be a banded wobbegong just over 2m in length and we estimated it to be about 100kg in weight.

What surprised me most was it’s large mouth and the awesome set of dentures it had, very similar to a mako shark teeth, definitely not to be messed with.

Again, it’s a long way from NSW. Now I’m wondering what will turn up on my next trip.

Surf Beaches

All the surf beaches are fishing reasonably well with Woolamai Beach being the most consistent. Australian salmon up to 1.5kg and the odd bigger fish are being taken. There are also quite a few mullet about.

These are best fished for with light trout or bream gear with a paternoster rig, #6 hooks and a 1oz sinker. Cut pipis are the best bait and fishing the very edges of the gutters on a low tide casting just behind the wave break will give you the best results.

If you walk along the beach and carefully watch the wave break you will see the fish in the wave, which can make it very easy to locate them.

They are great fun to catch on light tackle. There are also a few gummies and pinkie snapper about, fishing the deep gutters just on dark. Fresh mullet strips make excellent bait for both these fish.

San Remo below the bridge has seen a fair bit of action outside the entrance with some big makos in excess of 200kg about. Sand and tiger flathead are being caught while drifting for makos, along with some big ‘couta and arrow squid.

Inside the Entrance, Cleelands Bight area is producing pinkie snapper and some good whiting.

Above the bridge, and Dickies Bay is still going okay with whiting and garfish. The Corals are producing pinkies to 1.5kg and medium-size gummies. Tortoise Head Bank, Ram Island, Coronet Bay and Tankerton are all producing whiting.

In fact in most areas of the bay there are plenty of whiting, you just have to locate them and they have to be on the chew. I have fished a certain spot on one day and worked hard for a few fish, gone back to the same spot the next day, on the same time of the tide and bagged out in half an hour but I guess, that’s fishing, you think you know it all but you don’t.

Flinders/Shoreham Areas

All of the areas down this southern end are producing a few fish from Cat Bay to Somers to Shoreham and Flinders.

The whiting are normally in the 40-50cm range but most of the anglers that I know have to work hard for 4-5 fish and with the cost of fuel the way it is it’s a long way to travel for a couple of fish.

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