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  |  First Published: April 2012

The Kiewa River has been fishing quite well during the second half of summer. I won’t say it has been fantastic, but it certainly has been providing regular captures of trout for those fishing it.

I fished a section of river just recently and landed around 8-9 nice brown trout and a rainbow. The biggest trout was about 40cm long and the rest were a variety of smaller sizes. A few small redfin have also been caught in the Kiewa River as far upstream as Mt Beauty as a by-catch while targeting trout.

In April, provided we do not get too much autumn rain, the river should be in fantastic condition and the water should be cooling right down. The fishing should be pretty good as it usually is that time of year. Around early to mid April the brown trout will begin moving upstream to spawn as the cooling water temperatures and shorter days trigger this yearly ritual.

The beauty of this is that the fishing can become very unpredictable. In summer we spend a lot of time doing the hard yards, walking for miles to get to the seldom fished sections of water, but in autumn the trout move out of those areas as they move upstream and can be found anywhere in the river.

If there is a nice stretch of water that you have been fishing all summer without seeing any big fish, April may change all that as a few big trout from downstream pass through the area. It’s the same with the high pressure areas that have had hundreds of anglers battering them all summer long. Big fish from other areas of the river may pass through these areas in April as they make their way upstream, providing a pleasant surprise to unsuspecting anglers.

The Kiewa River in April can be a very good option, especially for those anglers looking for a larger fish. My go-to lure in the Kiewa River for that time of year is a fluorescent orange Super Vibrax that has taken many fish for me over the years. As the trout build up for the spawning run they tend to get quite aggressive towards fluorescent coloured lures.

Across the hill in the lower Mitta Mitta River I would expect the trout to be becoming quite active by April. That section of river between Eskdale and Lake Dartmouth tends to warm up quite a bit during the summer months and the trout fishing can get a little slow. As the water begins to cool in March the trout become more active, and by April they should be out feeding quite aggressively as they try and put on weight in preparation for spawning which usually begins around the middle of May and continues until mid July.

Snowy Creek upstream of Mitta Mitta township will be well worth a look in April. Not only does this great little creek have excellent numbers of trout, but in April bigger trout from the Mitta Mitta River often move into the Snowy Creek to spawn, providing anglers with a chance at catching a larger fish, possibly even a trophy sized trout.


The lower Kiewa River is the best place in the Kiewa area to head if you are targeting native fish, especially Murray cod. Anywhere from Boyds Bridge downstream will be worth a try. The fishing may be a bit slow as the water is getting cooler, however there should still be a few willing Murray cod hiding under the snags in some of the deep holes in the river.

The low light periods of the day are usually the most productive in this clear water, and in April, fishing with surface poppers after dark is both an exciting and productive way to target Murray cod.

There are a few yellowbelly in the lower reaches of the Kiewa River, particularly downstream of Tangambalanga, however anglers targeting yellowbelly would be better off heading across to the Allans Flat water hole near Yackandandah where they have a good chance of catching a few yellowbelly, and also a few mainly small redfin.

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