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  |  First Published: March 2012

Lately we have had mixed reports from the Yarra River, and being perplexed by this, I thought a little research was called for.

With some anglers really struggling for a fish in the easily accessed spots with slower flowing water and in the middle of the day, I paid a quick visit and could not get a hit or a bite.

After that I set off again with the plan to find water where I could wade-cast spinners, that was a bit more isolated but could be fished in a short time frame. So recently I went up the Yarra just past Warburton knowing that the river would of seen a lot of anglers over the weekend: all the easy accessed areas would have seen a lot of anglers.

Instead, I took a side road and kept going over a bridge knowing that anglers could have been there in the last few days. Using Google maps from my iPhone, I found the river where it came close to the side road I was on.

Locating a track down to the river and then bush-bashing downstream and found a spot that I was sure had not been fished for quite some time; perfect.

I got in the river and started to look and read the river. After 2-3 casts to get my eye in, then picking the fist rock sitting out in the river with some deeper flowing water around and put my Mepps Black Fury copper black and yellow dotted spinner and the plan worked.

A small brown was landed, photographed and released. In the next 45 minutes I hooked seven, landed five, photographed three and kept two for tea. By this time I had got back up to where the track had come in to the river where there was a large deep hole with slow moving water with lots of good snags to hold cod, but as I only had my spinners with me I persevered for around 25 minutes.

Having no more luck, I moved on further up the river to find some more fast flowing water with boulders, which means good trout country, where I landed two more.

After two hours action I walked back to the car.

The plan of finding a good spot to go to for a fish before or after work was achieved with area of water that holds fish that can easily be waded, but a bit hidden.

Hopefully this makes you go find your special little part of your river.

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