More Monduran barra appear
  |  First Published: April 2012

Lake Monduran is still struggling to come to terms with consistent summer rains and not much has really changed with the fishing.

The dam has been overflowing now for the last month, but I feel pretty confident that there won’t be any more fish going over the wall.

The fish that are being caught are in areas like D where there are small nests of fish that seem to like the cover of weed, lilies and black wattle trees. These fish are easy to catch on suspending X-Raps like the suspending shad rap and smaller 100mm X-Raps. The fish have also been smashing the Jackall hardbodies.

I’m sure most people would be doubting me by now when I say the big fish are still there, but other dams like Peter Faust and Teemburra have stood the test of time holding big fish with their spillways continuously over flowing.

We have been putting plenty of small fish in this year and under the guidance of hatchery staff have released fingerlings up in the upper reaches of creeks and the back blocks of the lake as far away from the spillway as possible. On a recent trip to the hatchery the same brood stock in the hatchery are 20cm now and around 100,000 of them were released late last year, so we should see these fish jumping on the end of our lures shortly.

The future is unclear and I presume we may see some big fish in the next summer, but don’t hold your breath, as we may be some years away. But we still catch barra here and on recent charters I have caught up to seven fish a day when it’s quiet and there are not too many boats around.

There are often a lot of boats up in the D section, so you will find the more boats there are, fewer fish will be caught.

However, we also need plenty of visitors to Lake Monduran to help support barra stocking, so make sure you renew your sips permits to help support stocking or become involved in our adopt a barra program set up by Rob Howell at the Caravan park.

The rivers and creeks have done well from the overflowing dams and big barra have made their way along the Queensland coast from top to bottom.

Fishing offshore has also been great, although often the choppy weather gets in the way of offshore trips. Reef fishing has been great and there have also been plenty of large fish caught, thanks to the inclement weather giving the reef a decent break from rec angling over the past few seasons.

This year the game fishing have been great all along the east coast and our area is no exception with a steady stream of black marlin, blue marlin and sailfish.

As a tourist destination the Bundaberg region really does have a lot to offer with some great fishing in the impoundments, rivers and creeks as well as reef and game fishing.

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