Calm conditions finally arrive
  |  First Published: April 2012

After a few months of ordinary weather Weipa has finally started to get some decent conditions for fishing offshore.

There have been some decent reports of saddle-tail sea perch and red emperor from around the nine mile area. While these fish lack the size that we can see on the east coast there are still plenty of decent fish around 3-4kg to be found for those that put the extra effort in.

Something that Weipa has over the east coast is the outstanding fingermark fishery. There have been some great catches coming from Kerr Reef off Mapoon with some of the fingermark approaching the magical 10kg size. These fish are well over 85cm long and they pull like absolute freight trains. Fish of this size are not as nice on the table when compared to their 3kg little brothers and are best released if you have other fish in the esky.

Kerr Reef has also been producing some stand out trout and tuskfish for line anglers and spearos alike. If you are keen on spearing, Kerr is one of the better visibility reefs around the Weipa area and holds a wide variety of table fish all year round. Depending on diving abilities, red emperor and saddle-tail sea perch can be targeted pretty reliably from this reef.

The mackerel and tuna fishery has really begun to heat up again so no doubt the winter months will be producing some exceptional fishing. Trolled wolf herring have been producing some absolute horse Spaniards around Pera however the barracuda and trevally can be annoy anglers considering the amount of time and effort that goes into catching and rigging half a dozen Wolfies. The results speak for themselves though so be sure to persist and don’t be surprised to see 20kg of Spanish heading south with your wolfie offering pinned in the corner of the mouth.

With a bit of a late wet season, the Wenlock has been a bit hit and miss in regards to the run off fishing, however some decent fish are still showing up. There have been some genuine meter plus barra hooked downstream from Cloughs Landing towards the mouth of the Wenlock.

Any areas where there is discolouration from the fresh running off the flat area is a good place to start flicking lures. There are also some large sunken snags in this area that will produce fish all year round and live baiting here is a sure fire way to hooking some decent sized fish.

Further upstream towards the rock bars will produce cricket score numbers of decent barra and while this area doesn’t receive that much angling pressure from recreational anglers each year, it still claims its fair share of damaged props, so if unsure of where these rocks are, slow down.

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