Queenscliff is the place to be
  |  First Published: March 2012

Whether you are looking for a relaxing day out or a bit of fun, fishing down in Queenscliff sure is the place to be this month.

With the weather and fishing conditions still running supreme in March, it is definitely a great time to take advantage of the ideal conditions and head out for a day of fun on the water.

Australian salmon

It’s been a ripper of a year on the salmon! There has been plenty of salmon activity in the bay, with good-sized fish being found around the rip. They are still coming in good numbers, so arm yourself with some white Ockies on light gear and you definitely will be entertained.

Always make safety a priority whilst boating but particularly whilst fishing around the rip; make sure you go with someone experienced.

Yellowtail kingfish

It has been a slow start to the kingfish season, with not many reports on their capture only the odd mention. Don’t give up hope though, they should be making their presence known sometime soon, so I suggest you try trolling the outer reef at Point Lonsdale and Barwon Heads in search of them.

They can be a frustrating fish to target but when they come on its worth it!

Striped Tuna

The striped tuna have also been a bit slow off the mark, however by March I expect that they will be well and truly on the bite. Try trolling for them whilst using white Ockies and you can expect to find them around Torquay and Barwon Heads. The stripies are a lot of fun on light gear so they are certainly worth the effort.


The whiting have been awesome again this season. They have been good in number and size and they should be getting even better by March. Fresh squid has been the bait of choice and two methods of fishing for whiting can be employed.

We have found anchoring is always a good way to go but if the tide is to strong then try to drift on your marks for them.


Flatties have been good in number and size in Bass Strait when the weather let us get out there. We have found the odd thresher shark around so don’t think twice about putting a bait out for them.

Snapper and Nannygai

Pinkies are still out in Bass Strait around the 50m line and the back of the rip where you may also come across some nannygai. Though the pinkies are no longer the feature for the season, but they are still there if you want to catch some.

Fishing is one of the best ways to spend a day with the family, on your own for some down time or for a great time with friends, so take advantage of these idyllic conditions and head out for a great day on the water.

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