Blue Rock Bass
  |  First Published: March 2012

Well I don’t know about other anglers, but I’ve been waiting a long time to see some evidence that the twice-stocked Australian bass have survived and flourished in Blue Rock Lake.

I’ve heard a few anecdotal reports over the past couple of years; however I have never seen a photo as proof, even when I am constantly asking people that have said they have caught them to show me photos.

Anyways, finally I have a photo thanks keen local angler Scott Williams. He wouldn’t divulge the exact location he caught the bass and I don’t blame him, but either way its a ripper fish measuring about 41cm in length, which shows, these tiny stocked fish have grown to a very big size.

A Berkley hardbodied lure did the trick, but he said he was actually targeting trout and just happened to catch the bass.

Not only have bass been caught, but the lake is still full and has been spilling for a while. This has meant that there are still loads of big trout near the wall, and you only have to go there on a hot evening and see the water bubbling with trout rising to beetles on some nights and emergers on others.

There’s definitely some great dry fly fishing to be had. The best times of day to fish have been either early mornings or evenings. Trolling has also been very successful, especially with Tassie Devils, big bladed spinners and small suspending hardbodied lures.

There are some pretty descent redfin getting caught as well, but most anglers are talking about how good the dam is fishing for trout.

Below the wall in the Tanjil River has some good potential as well because of the amount of water coming out of the dam. It hasn’t been that easy to fish because of the high flow, but there is plenty of food flowing down the river and hence the fish a pretty healthy. There seems to be a lot of 35cm brownies being caught but I have heard of a couple a bigger trout measuring almost up to 50cm as well.

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