Reddies, cod and thumping trout
  |  First Published: March 2012

As everyone predicted the hotter weather came and we all thought, look out for the blue green algae. But for some reason it hasn’t bloomed anything like last year, which is great news for everyone.

Now that the majority of holidaymakers and water skiers have dwindled away, it will be a very exciting month ahead, that’s for sure. The fishing has been going off its head and the reddies have gone bananas with Mick Pressnell and Bluey from the Wodonga area making several trips down.

Using Jackall Mask Vibes the boys caught around 40 fish around 750g-1.5kg. I have also been donging the reddies, catching about 20-30 fish on most outings without really having to try that hard. If you haven’t tried redfin fillets crumbed with cornflake crumbs you are missing out.

On the natives, the yellas are still slowly ticking away very early in the morning in the Frasers Park area. But the cod are still going nuts. I was lucky enough recently to meet a fellow fisho named Neil Main up near the Delatite arm trolling around in his tinny. Me being me, said “are you getting any” and he said earlier in summer he landed the fish of his life.

He had only been trolling for half an hour late one afternoon with his favourite size 1.5 Stumpjumpers in the old grasshopper pattern which is no longer available apparently. Neil was passing a large tree when his rod buckled big time after about 20 minutes he got this fish to the surface and quickly realised he was under gunned with his net.

He waved down another boat and two very excited and helpful blokes got the fish to the shallows, got the Boga grips in its gob, a few quick snaps and the beast was released and swam away strongly. This fish was 1.3m long and Neil estimates it was about 80lb. Looking at it I think it was somewhat heavier, closer to 100lb looking at its gut. It is a true fish of a lifetime!

There has also been a lot of cod from 60-80cm being caught in all areas of the lake. I pulled a 58cm fish recently that weighed about 9kg, a very fat fish. Spinner baits are doing a whole lot of damage and I have been using white/orange with a Gulp 5” Jerk Shad in Pearl White as a trailing stinger, the cod love Gulp.

The trout are still going well and on a recent trip to the lake, farther and son duo Nick and Damien Lucarelli had a cracking session culminating in Damo catching a 70cm brown in amazing condition, one of the best I’ve seen out of Eildon.

Dad was just chilling out with Damo operating the boat, trolling a purple Predator that dives to about 4.5m. Did I forget to mention a bucket of big reddies and a nice cod top trip?


The Goulburn, Rubicon and Acheron are all fishing well, with good numbers of fish coming out each.

The Goulburn is as clean as a whistle and looking the goods. Brown and rainbow trout up to 1.5kg are being caught near Twin Rivers.

The fly boys have been doing well with ‘hoppers on dusk.

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