Good late season trout options
  |  First Published: May 2008

We are now well into autumn and things are looking good in the High Country. During the past month we have not had much rain, but we have been lucky enough to get the odd storm that has freshened up the rivers.

The grasshoppers are still around, however a few decent frosts will knock their numbers about. Caddis flies are still hatching in good numbers during the evenings and there are still enough beetles and bugs around to keep the fish interested in feeding.

The Mitta Mitta River has fished well all season, particularly above Anglers Reach, and it is still yielding some nice fish. Grasshoppers have largely been the bait of choice. Autumn is a great time for flyfishers to ply their skills and with the settled weather that we are experiencing, they are doing well with dry flies, and also with nymphs fished in the ripples.

When we receive some decent rain over the next month or so we will see numbers of brown trout move into the Mitta Mitta River from Lake Dartmouth, ready to spawn. Already the Mitta fish are carrying significant roe and milt.Nearby the Cobungra River is fairly low. Fishing is reasonable, with grasshoppers again being favoured fare. The area around Innisfail is certainly worth fishing at the moment. Some good steady rain would enhance this river.

It is a similar situation in the Bundarra River. Fishing is OK without being great. Some nice fish have been taken out of this river during the season but the flow is now low and the water very clear. The river has also been worked over by the holiday angers during the school holidays, making the fish quite wary.

As usual, Livingstone Creek continues to produce good numbers of small brown trout. These little fish are no suckers in the clear, low conditions and you will earn every one that you catch. Best fishing in this creek is around Cassilis. Again good numbers of ’hoppers are around.

The Gibbo River is fishing quite well. There are lots of small rainbow trout and the odd bigger brown. The river is low enough to wade so there are miles of water available. Like the Mitta, the Dartmouth fish will move up into this river once we get some rain. The Gibbo River is a great little river to fish. There are heaps of ripples and pools and the road follows the river for quite a long way. There are many grassy flats where anglers can either park their cars while they fish, or where they can pitch a tent and camp out in the Aussie bush.

A few small brown trout are being caught in the Timbarra River now that summer has passed and the water temperatures have dropped. Unfortunately the river is still very low and badly needs some rain. Lots of ’hoppers are around in the Settlement area.

As I have reported all season the Dargo Rivers are fishing very poorly with low fish numbers. The Pinch River is low and is also fishing poorly. This could change when we get some autumn rain. It’s the same story at the Little River: it needs rain.

The best bet for anglers over the next month is to concentrate on the Mitta Mitta River and its tributaries. It holds a good head of fish and there is always the chance of landing a good fish from this system.

Brian Denner fishing the Mitta Mitta River. This river, and its tributaries, is your best bet for some late season trout in East Gippsland.

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