White Pointer 730 sports hardtop
  |  First Published: March 2012

Boats tend to fall into two categories: sleek, elegant machines that lend themselves to cruising but offer little in the way of angling space or practicality; or, strong boxy structures that, while reliable and practical, offer little in aesthetic appeal. However, the White Pointer series of boats offer the best of both worlds as they are built tough, packed full of features with a fine sleek finish and excellent on-water performance.

With Tuna season nearly upon us, anglers will be once again preparing themselves to tackle the might of the southern ocean in pursuit of these magnificent gamefish. Once the domain of the glass boat, well designed plate aluminium boats are providing a serious option for the angler who is looking for excellent performance, which is easy to tow.

White Pointer boats are based in Gisborne New Zealand and are backed by over 20 years experience in producing high quality plate boats with an unlimited range of features. They are built on a rigid steel frame known as the jig, which has been a method used in boat building since the beginning of time. This method ensures consistent shaping and the ability to produce a more complex and curvaceous shape that are unique and complex for an alloy trailer boat.

The White Pointer’s has a unique hull shape. By adopting the traditional method of shaping the hull skin over a predetermined egg crate frame and girder type structure, combined with a welding sequence, White Pointer are able to produce a rounded compound curve hull shape that squeezes the water out rather than slapping over the top. This is known as the ‘non pounding hull design’ and is synonymous with White Pointer boats. The integrity of the hull is backed by a 10 year recreational hull design.

The test boat was a White Pointer 730 sports hardtop. It is a boat designed for the boating enthusiast that demands both a comfortable ride and a practical boat. The boat is one serious offshore weapon that not only gives a feeling of rugged dependability but is aesthetically pleasing with sleek lines and a magnificent finish both inside and out.

Heading offshore to the tuna grounds can be a long and often cold and uncomfortable trip. However, the White Pointer not only gets you there in style but it has many features to make your trip a comfortable one.

The cabin is a magnificent combination of practicality and comfort. All the cockpit features come easily to hand for the skipper. It has plenty of solid grab rails in the cabin, yet are unobtrusive in their design. Two comfortable padded forward facing seats are of a level of comfort and finish that you might expect to find t in someone’s lounge room. The cabin is well enclosed to give plenty of protection from the elements as you blast out to the shelf, yet there is little reduction in your viewing ability with few blind spots and a set of wipers to keep the windscreen clear as you punch through the spray.

Other boats can offer a comfortable ride in a flash cabin but are often short on space and fishablilty once you reach your destination. The White Pointer 730 has a spacious rear deck with plenty of room for numerous anglers and their gear. The uncluttered space can be kept cleaned with the easily accessible deck hose and there is plenty of under floor storage space. These are both important considerations when dealing with the usually messy job of tuna fishing.

The lowered floor is another great feature of White Pointer boats. It helps give the boat a low centre of gravity, so it doesn’t yaw from side to side as much at rest as a higher profile boat would. The lower bimini and cabin also help give the boat its aesthetically pleasing sleek lines. And the lowered floor means that head space in not compromised.

This low centre of gravity is also good for the angler. Quite often in boats of this size, the distance between you and the water can be quite great. Tracing/gaffing/netting fish and even simple tasks like giving your hands a quick wash can be difficult, yet this is a simple job in the WP730. Additionally, when fighting a fish you are low enough to securely lock your centre of gravity below the free board even if you are tall.

There are plenty of storage areas built in, and none intrude on the working space in the boat. All these and the other lockers are strong and secure when travelling, yet easy to open when access is needed. Batteries and switches are kept behind lockable doors well off the floor and away from wet areas.

The package comes with an attractive and eye catching trailer complete with electric breaking system and Alco torsion suspension. The price as tested for the WP730 is $142,000. Included in the price is a $10,000 metallic paint job that really makes the boat stand out from the crowd even more.

For Video footage of the White pointers in action go to www.whitepointerboats.co.nz.


Approx tow weight:2200kg on trailer
Overall tow length:8.95m
Horse power range:150-300hp
Height on trailer:3.2m
Hull plates:6mm
Side plates/decks:4mm
Reads: 4742

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