Hope for a dry March
  |  First Published: March 2012

Fingers crossed this March will be another dry month and we will se a much cleaner river than past years.

In the past two years we have seen the rivers in our region be either at flood level or dropping from flood level at this stage of the year.

But this year it’s a much safer and friendlier fishing level and what’s even better is that the fish are still taking baits and lures frequently.

Reports are coming in thick and fast about good-sized fish being caught in the Goulburn. It hasn’t been uncommon to pick up 10-15 fish in a session either on bait or lures.

If the water levels stay steady I think we will see more and more fish caught on lures in the Goulburn and Broken rivers.

In case we do find the rains come again I would suggest to head upstream of the Broken junction. It’s a trickle of brown dirty water and only has a negative affect on the fish downstream for a hand full of bends.

If you can gain access out towards Moira Park and Rafterys Road I would suggest do so if it gets wet.

Again we see huge numbers of carp being caught, it’s a real shame to see this but lets hope we can all do our bit and catch as many as possible to help reduce the problem fish.

Kialla Lakes

The lakes have been fishing well below par over the past 6 months but thinking back to this time last year it was fishing spot on. I think we will see this occur again with the water slowly settling and water temperatures higher than previous months.

Last year lures where very doing a lot of damage at the lakes but with the water still a touch dirty maybe cast a bait out as well. Constant movement of the bait is a deadly technique in the lakes as it could just be a little lift or just a simple crank of the reel.

Young Zane Barzon planned and successfully ran his first mini-fishing competition over the school holiday period. He gathered up his mates and ran a small competition between them all.

Well done Zane and I’m sure your mates appreciated your effort. Zane also took out the Kialla Lakes fishing classic in November so hopefully it’s just the start for the young fisho.

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