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  |  First Published: March 2012

All the seasonal rains will have done wonders for the fishing around the Pin, flushing out all the creeks and rivers providing much needed nutrients into the system. Just like after last year’s floods we are looking forward to a bumper autumn fishing season.

Flathead are fast becoming the most sought-after fish in the Pin area. This is because they are a good table fish as well as a good fighting fish. They can grow well over a metre and there is an abundance of them to catch. Not to mention that they will take almost any bait presented to them from worms, yabbies, prawns, pillies, livies and quite readily fall for all kinds of lures.

For a chance of landing a few lizards try drifting along the top of Crusoe Island, the Stockyards, Pandannus weed banks, from Tabby Tabby to Rocky Point and in the Logan near Alberton Sands. All these spots are good for using soft plastics and trolling hardbodied lures.

Bream are also going to be heavily targeted all month and, due to the success of the ABT tour, there are a lot of fishos getting into luring these great fighting fish. Using light 1-2kg braid on a matched flick stick of your choice around canal jetties, rocks, pylons and other structure is an exciting way to target bream. Vibes, small poppers, hardbodies and small plastics will all work. Be sure to put a little effort in and be persistent and the rewards will speak for themselves.

For the bait fishers, stick to all the usual bream haunts and fishing the last couple of hours of the run-in tide along a berley trail should produce some better quality fish.

Good news for those chasing whiting as they will have benefitted from the flush out of food into the system. They will be foraging along the bottom in search of a feed facing into the tide so be sure to berley up and lure them to the back of the boat. They will also take vibes, poppers and other small lures and, using a slower retrieval should yield better results. Try the sand flats near Alberton Sands, the top of Tabby Tabby, Fishermans Channel, Slipping Sands and the top of South Straddie.

Mud crabs should be around in good numbers along the mangroves of the Logan right out to towards Canaipa Passage and all the way down to Couran Cove. Look for drop-offs just off the mangroves as the crabs will come down at low tide to feed.

Sandies should be on the move as well along the main channel from Cabbage Tree Point right up to Karragarra. Banana prawns should be schooling up from Jacobs Well to the boats around Steglietz, in the Logan from Marks Rocks to the Mouth and Browns Bay to the deep water off Macleay.


Mud crabs should be around in good numbers throughout March.


Flathead are a good table fish as well as a good fighting fish.


There is plenty on offer this month, like this 2.8kg cod.

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