Worth waiting for Weipa
  |  First Published: March 2012

Weipa has finally received some rain, even though it was a bit later than usual.

The land-based fishing has been heating up for the anglers that are prepared to travel. Places like where Cox Creek runs into the Wenlock have been producing plenty of 60cm barra. There have also been some great sooty grunter and even a few coal grunter thrown in for good measure to keep things interesting. Small 80mm Squidgy Fish in killer tomato and drop bear have been out fishing the hardbodies about 10:1.

When fishing these larger water courses you really have to stay on your toes in regards to crocodiles. I recently heard a story about a bloke nearly standing on a 9’ saltie that was over 50m from the water’s edge. Needless to say his eyes were peeled for the rest of the walk!

All of the local systems have been filling up with bait-sized prawns and the schools of decent sized grunter are hot on their tales. The shell grit bank in the Emberley has been producing some ripper catches for the tinny brigade and Gongbung Beach has also been a reliable land-based option for a feed of grunter.

The northwesterlies have been very persistent and has reduced the amount of time anglers can spend out the front. On the odd chance people have been getting out there, good catches of black jew, Spanish mac, longtail tuna and tusk fish have been keeping eskies looking respectable. Fresh squid and oily cut baits have been producing the better sized jewies with a few fish cracking the 130cm mark.

The barra have been getting a bit of a flogging, which is expected straight out of the closure, however a few decent 90cm+ fish have been caught and released from the Mission and Hey rivers. Live mullet have been the key to producing the better sized fish and reduces the amount of by-catch, like trevally and bream as they seem to have trouble getting a 30cm mullet down!

Please remember that the West Coast and East Coast fisheries regulations have been simplified with a few changes to size and bag limits to fingermark, barra, black jew so make sure to check the Qld DPI website for up to date sizing and bag limit requirements.

Until next month, stay safe on the water and start planning a trip to Weipa over winter. Not only will you escape the cooler weather from down south, you will also get a chance to experience some of the best pelagic action available in Queensland.

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